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Senior Pre-Existing Condition Travel Insurance - 2021 Review

Senior Travel customers tend to be some of our most adventurous. We have seen travelers head to the desert, the jungle, the ice, and the tropics. However, Senior Travelers often question whether they can buy Pre-existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance.

As we age, you may have injuries or illnesses and wonder if travel insurance can cover them. Is there travel insurance that can cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions?


In this Senior Pre-existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance guide, we cover:

  • Early Purchase of Travel Insurance and Time Sensitive Benefits
  • What is a Pre-existing Medical Condition?
  • The Importance of the Look Back Period
  • The Consequences of Medical Exclusion
  • Waiver of Medical Exclusion
  • Insuring Entire Trip to Activate Waiver
  • Best Value Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver

Early Purchase of Travel Insurance

In life, you rarely get something for nothing.

Fortunately, Travel Insurance Carriers will provide a Medical Exclusion Waiver on some of their most popular policies at no additional cost to the traveler.

You want to consider many important aspects of booking travel insurance. In particular, look at the benefit of the early purchase of travel insurance.

Comprehensive Travel Insurance policies have benefits you can use regardless of when you buy trip insurance. You could even buy a policy the day before you leave. But you might miss out on some helpful benefits.

If you buy your policy promptly after first booking your trip, you can take advantage of Time Sensitive Benefits. Most comprehensive policies include some. These benefits activate because you bought early and do not cost anything extra. It's like a reward for planning ahead.

Early purchase enables the Time Sensitive feature we refer to when we talk about the Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver. When you buy trip insurance within 14-21 days of your Initial Trip Deposit, the policy grants you a Waiver.

The travel insurance company only cares about the date that you paid the first dollar toward your trip. They do not care about the Final Payment date. If you pay for the entire trip in a single payment, then that is the Initial Trip Payment date.

That means whether your trip is next month or 18 months away, the date you pay that deposit starts the clock ticking. Once it reaches 22 days, you are out of luck. No more Time Sensitive benefits are available.

So, you must buy the policy within 14-21 days if you want the Pre-existing Condition Waiver added for free. We recommend no more than two weeks, so you have the most options possible.

You only need to insure your non-refundable Trip Costs.

Pre-existing Medical Condition

You might assume that you know what Pre-existing Medical Conditions are. But in Travel Insurance, you might be surprised and find out your condition is not Pre-existing.

A travel insurer considers your medical condition 'Pre-existing' if it is:

  • A New Medical Condition
  • An Old Medical Condition that has gotten worse

They also consider it a Pre-existing Medical Condition if you have had:

  • A Recommendation for Treatment
  • A Recent Change or Addition in Medication

Therefore, the only things Travel Medical Insurance companies care about are new medical conditions or recent changes in an existing medical condition. If you have been medically stable in the recent past, don't worry.

How far back does the insurance company care about your health history? Make sure to ask this question when shopping for Pre-existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance.

The Insurance Carrier uses a Look Back Period to determine whether or not they can cover your Pre-existing Medical Condition.

Look Back Period – Shorter is Better

There are few times in life where it is better to be shorter. Our CEO was a Royal Air Force Pilot, and he tells us that there is more space in a cockpit for shorter people. He is 5'8" tall, which might explain why he is a little defensive!

Anyway, a short Look Back period is better. The Travel Insurance Carrier will look back for a short time in your medical history to determine whether your medical condition is Pre-existing or not.

The best Travel Medical Insurance plans only have a 60-day Look Back. We think that is pretty good. Most of us can easily remember medical visits and medication changes in the last 60 days.

But sometimes you run into a problem when the Look Back period is over an extended time.

Some of our trip insurance plans use a 180-day Look Back period. We feel that is too restrictive for many Pre-existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance customers.

Frankly, it is hard to remember every change in our lives for over six months. It would be regrettable if the coverage excluded your condition because of a change in medication that occurred five months ago.

If you have a Pre-existing Condition, look for policies with a shorter Look Back Period.

The Consequences of Medical Exclusion

If you have a Pre-existing Medical Condition, the travel insurer will exclude that medical condition from coverage within the policy. That might leave you feeling vulnerable.

If you need treatment during the trip for the Pre-existing Medical Condition, you must pay all of the treatment costs out-of-pocket. The Travel Insurance Carrier would not contribute financially.

In this case, you want to buy a Senior Travel Insurance policy that offers a Pre-existing Medical Exclusion Waiver.

Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver

Earlier, we stressed the importance of buying travel insurance very shortly after the Initial Trip Deposit.

If you have a Pre-existing Medical Condition, buy travel insurance within 14-21 days to receive the Medical Exclusion Waiver.

Here is how it works:

  1. As far as the Travel Insurance Carrier is concerned, you have a Pre-existing Medical Condition.
  2. Usually, your Pre-existing Medical Condition would not be covered.
  3. Your Trip Insurance Policy offers a Medical Exclusion Waiver.
  4. This Waiver activates if you book your Travel Insurance Policy within the Time Sensitive Period.
  5. The Time Sensitive Period is between 14 and 21 days, depending on the policy.
  6. If you buy Travel Insurance within that time, the policy will Waive your Medical Exclusion.
  7. Your Pre-existing Medical Condition will now be covered.

Finally, you must be medically fit to travel the day you buy travel insurance. Remember, travel insurance protects you from unforeseen events. If you're already too ill to travel, travel insurance cannot cover you.

Insuring Entire Trip to Activate Waiver

Typically, Travel Insurance Carriers require that you insure 100% of all prepaid, non-refundable trip costs to include the Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver.

Many of our plans offer 60-day Look Back Periods, and are perfect if you are worried about Pre-existing Medical Exclusions.

Best Value Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver

If you want Pre-existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance, it's simple. Just run a quote with us to receive a dozen different travel insurance options.

Our site clearly shows the Look Back Period so you can determine if you need a Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver.

Then, check if the policy can waive the Look Back Period. If so, you'll find "Waiver of Look Back: Yes" on the policy quote.


If a Waiver is available, you will see it there, along with the Time Sensitive Period in which you must buy the policy.

Here is an example of what we see with the Seven Corners RoundTrip Choice:

Pre-existing Condition Benefit

  • Look Back Period: 60 days
  • Waiver of Look Back: Yes
  • Time Sensitive Period: 20 days

As you can see, this policy offers a Pre-existing Medical Benefit. It looks back 60 days to determine whether your medical condition is Pre-existing.

Therefore, the plan includes the Waiver if you buy it within 20 days of the Initial Trip Deposit.

Travel Insurance Medical Insurance Tips

When looking for Senior Pre-existing Condition Travel Insurance, we also recommend you consider the amounts of Medical Insurance and Medical Evacuation coverage.

We always recommend travelers going abroad to take at least $100,000 Medical Insurance, $250,000 Medical Evacuation, and a Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver. Without this balance of coverage, you may face significant coverage gaps.


Most of us have medical conditions that we live with daily. Most of these do not concern a Travel Medical Insurer because they have been stable for a long time.

Usually, Travel Insurance excludes new or changed medical conditions. When you buy Travel Insurance with a Medical Waiver, you can receive coverage for the Pre-existing Condition.

The Waiver activates if the Travel Policy is purchased promptly after an initial trip deposit, typically 14-21 days.

Fortunately, Pre-existing Medical Condition Travel Insurance customers can take advantage of a wealth of information available to help them buy robust travel insurance. A Medical Exclusion Waiver is not expensive. Most comprehensive travel insurance plans include it for no additional cost.

The Travel Insurance Plans available from AARDY are some of the best in the USA.

We are a Travel Insurance Marketplace and work with only the best-rated Trip Insurance Carriers in the country. Our prices are identical to those sold directly by the carrier. The difference is that we save you the time and hassle of checking with each one and comparing them.

Our price promise is a legal guarantee. Travel Insurance Policies must be the same price, whether they are sold directly or through a Marketplace such as ours. Our highly trained staff can guide and educate you. We are always available on chat, email, or phone.

Remember, book your policy early so you can include a Medical Exclusion Waiver.

Safe travels.

**Please Note: AARP do not provide sponsorship or endorsement of travel insurance brokers. No such endorsement or sponsorship of AARDY exists and none is implied. At AARDY we strive bring world-class travel insurance to our customers, so they can compare and contrast mulitple insurance plans to find the right plan for their travel needs, and travel with confidence.

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