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Airbnb Travel Insurance - 2021 Review

Airbnb Travel Insurance

Airbnb Travel Insurance
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Airbnb does not offer guest Cancellation insurance when you rent a property.

If you booked a rental, Airbnb places cancellation restrictions on your booking. Sometimes, those penalties are costly. During uncertain times like during the Covid-19 rules, non-refundable bookings are risky. Guest Cancellation insurance can protect you against loss.

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You can purchase cancellation insurance for Airbnb bookings through a travel insurance marketplace like AARDY. When you shop for Airbnb insurance yourself, you find a variety of protection options, including Cancel For Any Reason.

Plus, you can cover more than just your Airbnb rental. Add your flights, cruises, and tour expenses on the same plan if they are prepaid and non-refundable.

AARDY travel insurance marketplace offers dozens of plans so you can choose the best coverage for your trip.

Comprehensive Airbnb guest insurance includes Trip Cancellation, Trip Interruption, Medical Insurance, Medical Evacuation, Baggage protection, and more.

Airbnb Cancellation Policy

Airbnb has different levels of cancellation. The Airbnb host decides which cancellation policy to offer guests:

  • Flexible – 100% refund, minus fees, if you cancel one day before check-in
  • Moderate – 100% refund, minus fees if you cancel five days before check-in.
  • Strict – 50% refund, minus fees, if you cancel one week or more before to check-in, or 100% refund if canceled within 48 hours of booking.
  • Long Term – First month and service fees are non-refundable, and you must give 30 days' notice. It only applies to stays 28 nights or more.
  • Super Strict 30 Days – 50% refund, minus fees, if you cancel 30 days or more before check-in
  • Super Strict 60 Days – 50% refund, minus fees, if you cancel 60 days or more before check-in

Cancel Your Trip – Lose Your Money

Because Airbnb does not offer trip cancellation insurance to its guests, you may face steep penalties. A travel insurance policy with Trip Cancellation can help you recover the financial losses.

For example, if you book a beach house during the summer, the host may enforce a strict cancellation policy. Suppose your family member suddenly became gravely ill a week before the trip, and you had to cancel. The host is not obligated to refund the fees for this tragic circumstance. But if you have a comprehensive travel insurance plan, you would receive a 100% refund, since it's a covered cancellation reason.

Typically, Trip Cancellation insurance lets you cancel for:

  • Unforeseen illness, accidental injury, or death
  • Inclement weather that causes complete cessation of services
  • Traffic accident en route to the destination
  • Hijacking, quarantine, jury duty
  • Fire, flood, burglary, or natural disaster
  • Involuntary layoff
  • Theft of passports or visas
  • Mandatory evacuation due to adverse weather or natural disasters
  • Called to military service due to natural disaster
  • Terrorism


Can I Cancel If There Is a Hurricane?

Several policies offer a full refund if the NOAA Hurricane Center announces a Hurricane Warning at your destination within 48-72 hours of departure. Check out Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector, Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector Plus, AIG Travel Guard Preferred, and AIG Travel Guard Deluxe.

Also, some policies cover Mandatory Evacuation orders by local government at the destination.

All policies at AARDY cover if your destination is uninhabitable or inaccessible due to natural disasters like a hurricane.

Alternatively, Cancel For Any Reason policies provides a 75% refund if a hurricane threatens your destination or residence, and you do not want to travel.

Cancel for Work Reason Travel Insurance

Several policies at AARDY cover cancellation for work-related reasons:

  • Rescind pre-approved vacation
  • Involuntary layoff
  • Military leave revocation
  • Employer Transfer
  • Company Merger
  • Natural disaster at your place of employment

If you need coverage for a potential work-related cancellation, enroll in one of our Cancel For Work Reason or Cancel For Any Reason policies.

 If a policy lists your work-related cancellation, it pays a 100% benefit. However, if it does not, the Cancel For Any Reason benefit would pay a 75% refund.

Airbnb Cancel For Any Reason Insurance

Sometimes you need to cancel your Airbnb for a reason the policy does not cover.

Cancel for Any Reason allows you to cancel your trip before the departure date for any reason.

Travelers cancel trips for a multitude of reasons:

  • A sick or injured pet
  • Your rental unit suddenly received a deluge of bad reviews
  • Must attend real estate closing
  • Doctor orders pregnant traveler on bed rest
  • Car breaks down
  • Travel bans, travel advisories, not allowed to enter state/country
  • Closed attractions, restaurants, beaches at destination
  • Fear of pandemic
  • Can't afford to go
  • State-imposed 14-day quarantine for travelers

Cancel For Any Reason comes with a few rules. You will receive 75% of your prepaid, non-refundable trip costs if you:

  • Purchase travel insurance within 10-21 days of making the initial trip payment or deposit
  • Insure 100% of all prepaid and non-refundable trip costs
  • Cancel more than two days before the departure date
  • Are medically fit to travel at the time of purchase

Of course, if you have a Cancel For Any Reason and cancel due to covered circumstances, the policy refunds you 100% of the trip costs.


Head Home in an Emergency – Lose Remaining Trip Costs

If a family emergency requires you to return home early, most Airbnb hosts will not refund the unused Airbnb costs. They will also charge you a cleaning fee. Plus, the airline may charge fees to change a flight or buy a new ticket.

Trip Interruption insurance reimburses you for the unused part of your trip plus the added cost to return home early.

Every policy at AARDY provides Trip Interruption in case you must end the trip early. Typically, the covered Trip Interruption reasons are the same as for Trip Cancellation:

  • Unforeseen illness, accidental injury, or death
  • Inclement weather that causes complete cessation of services
  • Traffic accident en route to the destination
  • Hijacking, quarantine, jury duty
  • Fire, flood, burglary or other natural disaster
  • Involuntary layoff
  • Theft of passports or visas
  • Mandatory evacuation due to adverse weather or natural disasters
  • Called to military service due to natural disaster
  • Terrorism

Interruption For Any Reason Travel Insurance

Earlier, we discussed how Cancel For Any Reason provides a partial refund if you wish to cancel the trip for a reason not covered by the policy. Similarly, some plans offer Interruption For Any Reason.

Suppose you arrive at your Airbnb beach rental, and after a few days, the local government closes the beach for health reasons. Since it will be closed for the rest of your stay, you'd be out of luck. A closed beach is not a covered Trip Interruption.

However, Interruption For Any Reason lets you curtail the trip and receive a refund for 75% of the unused portion of the trip costs.

The Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector Plus includes Interruption For Any Reason. You may Interrupt your trip for any reason after 72 hours.

Interruption For Any Reason is incredibly helpful in managing risks that occur during the trip. It protects you from situations like local closures, unsatisfactory Airbnb accommodations, or returning home to be with a sick pet.

Sick or Injured During Trip

No one expects to get sick on a trip, but illness or injury can occur during your vacation.

If you're staying in Florida for the winter months and need treatment from a local hospital, travel insurance can help pay the bills.

If you're lucky enough to have health insurance coverage around the country, you may not care about travel medical insurance. However, most health insurance plans, including Medicare, require you to pay some of your treatment out-of-pocket. Most programs expect you to pay copays, deductibles, and coinsurance.

However, if your Airbnb property is outside the US, we recommend you buy at least $100,000 Medical Insurance and $250,000 Medical Evacuation. Most medical insurance plans do not cover treatment outside the US. Some countries also require proof of travel medical insurance before they will clear you for Immigration.


Medical Evacuation Brings You Home

If you had a critical health event like a heart attack or stroke, your health insurance might provide excellent hospitalization coverage. But health insurance rarely includes comprehensive ground and air ambulance benefits.

Once your doctor determines that you're stable enough for travel, Medical Evacuation insurance covers the cost to return home.

Traveling home might be as simple as an ambulance ride or as complicated as a private medical jet. Either way, evacuation transportation costs can be detrimental. A private medical plane costs about $15,000 to $25,000 per flight hour.

Insurable Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

Typically, travel insurance does not cover recent Pre-existing Medical Conditions.

They define Pre-existing Medical Condition as a treatment, test, medication change, or new medication in the 60-180 days immediately before buying travel insurance. If that is your case, the policy will not cover it.

The exclusion applies to anything medical, like cancellation due to health problems or seeking Medical treatment during the trip.

However, if you buy the policy within 14-21 days of paying the initial deposit, many plans include a Waiver, permitting Pre-existing Condition coverage.

The Waiver of Pre-existing Conditions lets the policy cover any medical condition, even if your doctor diagnosed you yesterday. We always recommend travelers get a Waiver on their policy whenever possible. It closes a coverage gap for no extra cost.

To qualify for the Waiver, choose a policy that offers a Waiver of Look Back. Purchase that plan within 14-21 days of initial purchase and cover 100% of all prepaid, non-refundable trip costs. For example, if you rent an Airbnb, you would also include your flights, if you have any, to receive the Waiver of Pre-existing Condition.

Sharing an Airbnb

Some Airbnb guests share the rental with another couple or family members who each pay for their own share.

Your traveling companions might need the flexibility to cancel and receive a refund for their share of the rental if one of them were too sick or injured to travel.

In this situation, modify the rental agreement to include all names in the party as financially responsible. If one of them must cancel for a covered reason, a copy of the rental agreement showing their names provides documentation for a claim.

If your traveling companions live in another state and pay for a portion of the rental, they would buy their own travel insurance plan issued for their state.


Damage to Property Unit

Most travel insurance plans do not cover damage to the rental property.

However, AARDY offers the Trawick First Class plan, which includes $5,0000 of Accommodation Property Damage.

It reimburses you for direct physical damage to the real or personal property damaged within the unit.

Best Value Airbnb Travel Insurance

Can you get a better deal through the insurance company's direct site?

No. Travel insurance rates are state-regulated, and no one can change those rates.

At AARDY, we can promise that we have the best state-approved insurance rates. You will always find the best value on travel insurance right here.

Questions? We're here for you. Please stop by and chat with us, send an email, or give us a call at 650-492-6298.

Safe travels!

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