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Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance - Company Review

Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance

Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance
Insurance Partner
Coverage Options


  • Strong Insurance Partner
  • Reasonable Medical Coverage
  • Cancel for Any Reason Cruise Credit


  • Cancel for Any Reason Does Not Pay Cash
  • Expensive If Aged Under 80

Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance is the only option that is offered when booking your Avalon Waterways Cruise. Please be careful. Travel Insurance is not a “one size fits all” type of product.  Each traveler has unique needs and risks. At AARDY, we think that having more choices gets you closer to the right plan to fit your travel needs and your wallet.

Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance is not a bad plan and is supported by one of the leading travel insurance providers in the US. However, Avalon Cruise Insurance is quite expensive. Other travel insurance policies, from reputable insurance carriers, will have better coverage, and many of them will be much less expensive.

Please be aware that Avalon Waterways travel insurance is listed as a per person cost. When running a travel insurance quote with AARDY we always presents travel insurance prices per policy, covering all travelers. The price you see covers all of the group. This is typical for those looking to buy travel insurance.  So, when shopping around and comparing travel insurance prices, please note that Avalon Trip Insurance is per person pricing, yet almost every other travel insurance carrier in the US will show you total prices for all travelers.

Avalon Waterways travel insurance does have some solid benefits, but we know that there are stronger plans out there at much lower prices.  AARDY can quickly compare your trip insurance options and, in fact, do this for Avalon Waterways customers daily.

Something to consider when looking at Avalon Waterways Cruise travel insurance is that the plan covers the dates of the cruise only.  But if you are like many other travelers, you leave home a day or two earlier or add a few days at the end of the cruise to site see, and you’ll need these dates covered as well.  Purchasing from a site like AARDY will allow you the flexibility to insure your entire vacation, not just the cruise portion. Most travel insurance policies do not add any cost per day as long as the trip is under 30 days in length. So, rather than buying 2 policies – an Avalon Insurance plus an additional travel insurance, simply buy travel insurance that will cover your entire Avalon Cruise, plus your travel days.

Our Avalon Waterways travel insurance review will look at the price and different coverages provided. We then compare Avalon Insurance benefits to what we believe are the ideal trip insurance protection benefits and limits. Finally, we compare different travel insurance prices, and show the lower rates offered through the wider travel insurance market.

In addition, we will look at alternative travel insurance policies for Avalon Cruise passengers to consider which include strong benefits and great prices, offering good value to the traveler.

  • Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance Overview
  • Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Cancellation For Any Reason
  • Cancel For Work Reasons
  • Travel Medical Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation Coverage
  • Pre-Existing Medical Condition Waiver
  • Policy Cost
  • Alternatives to Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance

Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance

Avalon Waterways Cruise Travel Insurance Overview

Avalon Waterways cruises are recognized as one of the world’s best river cruise lines and has won awards from Money Magazine, Cruise Critic, and USA Today, to name a few.  Avalon Waterways cruises through Europe, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Peru, and the Galapagos Islands.

You won’t see prices for Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance on their website, nor can you obtain a quote for the river cruise online.  You will have to request a quote and speak to an agent. We enjoy communicating with a human being when making a purchase, especially for big ticket items such as a river cruise. However, we also like to carry out research beforehand, so as to know what to ask when we eventually speak with a human being.  You can look at the Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance documents on-line which is helpful, but no pricing is available. We find this to be a frustrating process.

Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance is administrated by TripMate which is owned by Arthur J Gallagher & Co. TripMate then relies on two other companies. Trip Cancellation and Trip Cancellation For Any Reason coverages are provided by the Globus family of plans.  And all other coverages in the travel insurance policy are provided by United States Fire Insurance Company.

United States Fire Insurance Company is a well-known, long standing, and strong insurance provider. As a matter of fact, they underwrite one of the stronger companies found on AARDY, C&F Travel Insured.

We like working with C&F Travel Insured and United States Fire Insurance Company and we feel at ease with the underlying strength of the travel insurance provided.  We are not content that there are so many layers of companies to get through, and the pricing can be quite high.

Avalon Waterways Trip Cancellation Protection

Most travelers book cruises well in advance of the actual trip departure, sometimes months or even over a year prior to the actual trip.  We like to see travel cancellation insurance in place early to ensure coverage for the longest period and to have your investment covered as soon as possible.

Avalon Waterways Travel Cancellation Insurance has the standard basic cancellation reasons covered in the policy and we are generally pleased with the list.

Basic Trip Cancellation – Avalon Waterways Cruise Insurance

If you or a family member becomes ill or you are unable to travel due to a reason listed in the policy, you can cancel for a full cash refund.

The policy states the following:

We will waive our published cancellation penalties and refund You in cash for the unused nonrefundable cash, check, or credit card amounts You paid for Your Travel Arrangements when You cancel Your trip with Us before Your scheduled departure due to one of the following specified reasons:

A covered Sickness, Injury or death of You, Your Family Member, or Your Traveling Companion which occurs before departure on Your trip.

The Sickness or Injury must occur before departure on Your trip and must require examination and treatment by a Physician at the time of cancellation.

The treating Physician must certify that You are not able to participate on the trip due to medical restrictions.

You will also be able to cancel for reasons like: having a traffic accident en-route to your departure, causing you to miss your vacation, or if you are required to serve on a jury, or a documented theft of your passport or visa.

Avalon Waterways Enhanced Trip Cancellation Insurance - Cancellation For Any Reason

Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance does have Cancel For Any Reason included in the policy.  This benefit will allow you to cancel your trip up to 24 hours prior to departure for literally any reason, in other words, you can cancel for all the reasons not listed in the travel insurance policy.  According to the Avalon Waterways Travel Terms and Conditions, the following cancellation fees apply:

Avalon Waterways Standard Cancellation Fee Schedule

  • 90-60 days prior to commencement of services: 35% of total price
  • 59-30 days prior to commencement of services: 50% of total price
  • 29-1 days prior to commencement of services: 80% of total price
  • On departure day and later: 100% of total price

With Avalon Waterways Cancel For Any Reason insurance, cancellation fees are waived.  This sounds pretty good; however, you will not be reimbursed cash if you use the cancel for any reason.  This benefit only provides reimbursement in the form of cruise credits, travel certificates, or a voucher for a future cruise.

This Additional Enhanced Cancellation Penalty Waiver allows you to cancel your vacation up to 24 hours (or the prior business day, whichever is farther out) before your scheduled departure for any reason and have your cancellation penalty refunded in Globus family of brands Travel Certificates, with the balance of the refund made, if applicable, either in cash or credit card credit.

This might work for some, but what if this was the only time you could travel, or you became unable to travel and could not use the future travel certificates?  Keep in mind that most cruise travel insurance works this same way.

Also note that cruise credits are typically restricted in the length of time that they can be used. Those that we see are normally only valid for 12 months. However, a regular travel insurance policy pays in cash on its cancellation benefits. This includes Cancel for Any Reason. Another reason to think before you buy Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance.

Avalon Waterways Cruise Cancel For Work Reasons

Many of us are dependent upon our employers to approve. Of course, we hope that the vacation approval will not be subsequently rescinded.  Many travelers don’t consider having to cancel due to work reasons, but it can and does happen.  For those who are dependent upon the approval of an employer to travel, please consider work cancellation protection.  Having some cancel for work reasons in a cruise travel insurance plan is a great idea.

Here are some standard work reasons listed in a policy:

  • Your or Your Traveling Companion’s involuntary employment termination or layoff. Employment must have been with the same employer for at least 1 continuous year (some plans insists of 3 years of employment – do check).
  • Your or Your Traveling Companion’s place of employment is rendered unsuitable for business due to fire, flood, burglary or other Natural Disaster and You and/or Your Traveling Companion are required to work as a result.
  • You, Your Traveling Companion or Family Member traveling with You is directly involved in the merger of Your employer or the acquisition of Your employer by another company.

Some policies go a bit further to state:

  • You, Your Traveling Companion or a Family Member traveling with You is required to work during the Trip. A written statement by an unrelated company official and/or the human resources department demonstrating revocation of previously approved time off will be required. Note that this does not help those who are self-employed. However, AIG TravelGuard does provide for work cancellation protection for those who are self employed.

Avalon Waterways Cruise Insurance cancel for work reason benefit only covers for standard work reasons. In other words, Avalon Cruise Insurance will not cover you if you are required to work.

If you are still in the work-force, please be sure to look at the cancel for work reasons protections that are available when comparing travel insurance plans.

Avalon Waterways Cruise Emergency Medical Coverage

All comprehensive travel insurance plans will include some travel medical coverage.  This benefit will cover the costs of medical treatment for an unforeseen illness or accidental injury while on your covered trip.  The medical limits vary by company and plan, but typically run from $10k to $500kAardy recommends having at least $100k of medical coverage if you are traveling outside of the US, but most cruise line travel insurance has well below what we feel is a comfortable medical coverage limit.

Avalon Waterways Cruise travel insurance offers $50k, which is much lower than that which we would recommend. However, Avalon does pay benefits up to the limit listed within the 30 days after your scheduled return date for illness or injury which occurs during the covered trip.

Benefits will be paid for the Covered Expense incurred, up to the Maximum Benefit Amount shown in the Schedule of Benefits, as a result of a Covered Accidental Injury or covered Sickness, which first occurs during Your Trip. All services or treatment must be received within 30 days of the Scheduled Return Date of Your Trip.

Not many plans will continue benefits after you return home, so this is a welcome benefit if you buy Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance.

Avalon Waterways Cruise Emergency Medical Evacuation

Many of us have heard stories of travelers having to be medically evacuated whilst on a vacation.  Major illnesses or accidents often cannot be supported locally and a medical evacuation is required.  For example, if you are traveling in France and have chest pain; your traveling companion calls for an ambulance and you are taken to the closest hospital emergency room.  The emergency room physicians determine that you are having a heart attack. However, the hospital does not have a cardiologist or cardiac department.  In this case you would want to get to a facility with a cardiac department and physicians who specialize in heart issues.  Having a good emergency medical evacuation benefit is key.

Avalon Waterways’ Cruise travel insurance shines in this area.  We recommend at least $100,000 of emergency medical evacuation if traveling close to a big city, or $250,000 if traveling in a more remote area of the world.  Avalon Waterways travel insurance offers $500k of emergency medical evacuation. In addition, they also have Hospital of Choice medical evacuation.  What this means is:

Subject to the terms and conditions of item # 2, You may choose to be transported to a Hospital in a city within the United States of America other than Your primary place of residence, but the maximum amount payable is limited to the cost of transportation to Your primary place of residence.

#2 Medical Repatriation: If the local attending Legally Qualified Physician and the Program Medical Advisor determine that it is Medically Necessary for You to return to Your primary place of residence because of an unforeseen Sickness or Injury which is acute or life-threatening, the Transportation Expense incurred will be paid for Your return to Your primary place of residence or to a Hospital or medical facility closest to Your primary place of place of residence capable of providing continued treatment via one of the following methods of transportation, as approved, in writing, by the Program Medical Advisor:

  1. one-way Economy Transportation;
  2. commercial air upgrade (to Business or First Class), based on Your condition as recommended by the local attending Legally Qualified Physician and verified in writing and considered necessary by the Program Medical Advisor; or
  3. other covered land or air transportation including, but not limited to, commercial stretcher, medical escort, or the Usual and Customary Charges for air ambulance, provided such transportation has been pre-approved and arranged by the Program Medical Advisor. Transportation must be via the most direct and economical route.

In other words, once you have been stabilized and the treating physician and the travel insurance Medical Advisor deem it necessary for you to return home for further treatment, you can choose the hospital closest to your home, or any other hospital.  Be aware; however, that if you choose a hospital that is farther away from your home, this benefit will only pay for the cost to get to a hospital where you reside.  The additional transportation costs incurred from the hospital closest to your home to the hospital of your choice past your home will be your responsibility.

We are very comfortable with this level of the Emergency Medical Evacuation benefit.  Most cruise travel insurance plans do not offer such robust coverage.  Great job Avalon!

Avalon Waterways Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion

Like all travel insurance policies, pre-existing medical conditions are specifically excluded from coverage in the Avalon Waterways travel insurance.  According to the Avalon Waterways Cruise travel insurance policy:

Coverage is excluded for loss due to a Pre-Existing Condition, as defined under the Cancellation Penalty Waiver Definitions, unless: a) Your payment for this Plan is received within 14 days of the date Your initial payment or deposit for Your trip is received; and b) You are not disabled from travel at the time Your plan payment is paid.

What is a Pre-existing Medical Condition

A pre-existing medical condition is an illness, disease, or other condition during the 60 day period immediately prior to the date the Cancellation Penalty Waiver begins for which You or Your Traveling Companion scheduled or booked to travel with You:

(1) received or received a recommendation for a test, examination, or medical treatment for a condition which first manifested itself, worsened or became acute or had symptoms which would have prompted a reasonable person to seek diagnosis, care or treatment; or

(2) took or received a prescription for drugs or medicine.

What about stable medical conditions?

A condition which is treated or controlled solely through the taking of prescription drugs or medicine and remains treated or controlled without any adjustment or change in the required prescription throughout the 60 day period before the Cancellation Penalty Waiver is effective is not considered to be a Pre-Existing Condition.

Avalon Waterways Cruise Pre-Existing Medical Conditions Waiver

This vacation insurance plan does include a pre-existing medical conditions waiver if, and only if:

  1. a) Your payment for this Plan is received within 14 days of the date Your initial payment or deposit for Your trip is received; and
  2. b) You are not disabled from travel at the time Your plan payment is paid.

Many travel insurance plans also require 100% of your trip costs to be insured as well.  And other cruise travel insurance plans require the booking for the trip is your first and only booking for this period and destination.  We like that Avalon Waterways travel insurance has more flexibility.

What does Avalon Cruise Travel Insurance Cost?

We looked at the Legendary Danube 10 day river cruise on the beautiful ship Imagery II. The cost to insure the $7,702 trip cost for 2 travelers aged 50 and 45 is $349 per person, or $698 total cost of trip insurance.

We ran a quote on AARDY with the same information and found a couple of plans for less, both with excellent benefits and limits, but the iTravelInsured Travel LX is a less expensive plan at $522 (a $176 saving) with better benefits than the Avalon Waterways plan.

Here is the comparison:

Trip Insurance benefits


iTravelInsured LX


100% of trip cost

100% of trip cost

Trip Interruption

150% of trip cost

150% of trip cost

Missed Connection



Travel Delay

$150 per day/$1000 max

$250 per day/$1000 max

Baggage Loss/Damage






Medical Evacuation



Waiver of Pre-existing

Included within 14 days

Included within 24 hours of final trip payment

Cancel For Any Reason

Included within 14 days

Included within 20 days

Interrupt For Any Reason



*Cancel For Any Reason **Interruption For Any Reason

As you can see these plans are similar until you get to the medical and evacuation limits.  The policy found on AARDY has 10 times the medical limit of the Avalon Waterways plan, and twice as much Medical Evacuation. In addition, both plans include Cancel For Any Reason:

  • Avalon Waterways

    • reimburses in cruise credits
    • can cancel 24 or more hours prior to departure
  • iTravelInsured Travel LX

    • reimburses in cash up to 75% of trip cost
    • can cancel 48 hours or more prior to departure

And only the iTravelInsured Travel LX has Interruption for any Reason.

Avalon-Waterways-Travel-Insurance-AardvarkCompare-Options | AARDY.com

Interruption For Any Reason

If you are on your trip and need to go home for a reason that is not covered under Trip Interruption, you can use Trip Interruption For Any Reason and be reimbursed up to 75% of your unused trip costs

If You interrupt Your Trip, forty-eight (48) hours or more after Your actual Departure Date, for any reason not otherwise covered by this Policy, benefits will be paid, up to: seventy-five percent (75%) of the total amount of coverage You purchased, to reimburse You for the Prepaid Payments or Deposits for unused non-refundable land or water Travel Arrangements.

Avalon Waterways Travel Insurance - Conclusion

We think that Avalon Waterways travel insurance is pretty good compared to some of the other cruise line trip insurance plans. However, there are less expensive cruise insurance plans with better coverage out there.  And AARDY can help you find them.

We guarantee that there are no lower prices for the plans we offer, not even if you go directly through the insurance provider. So, when you’re ready to compare contact the Leading Travel Insurance Marketplace in the US.  We are ready to chat, return your email or speak with you on the telephone.  We love to assist our customers!

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