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Costa Rica Required Travel Insurance – 2021 Review

Since the Covid-19 pandemic began, Travelers visiting Costa Rica face new travel insurance entry requirements.

This article is provided for informational purposes and does not reflect any endorsement by the government of Costa Rica. Costa Rica may change the requirements without notice.

Costa Rica Entry Requirements

The Costa Rican government mandates the following for travel to Costa Rica:

  • Travel insurance certificate
  • Not show symptoms of Covid-19
  • Agree to Costa Rica’s legal terms for entry


Costa Rica Travel Insurance Certificate

Costa Rica requires your travel certificate to include:

  • Traveler’s names
  • Guarantee of medical insurance for Covid-19
  • At least $50,000 USD of medical insurance issued from an international insurer
  • At least $2,000 USD of extended lodging expenses due to quarantine (Travel Delay)

Most AARDY policies offer the first three points.

However, only two plans provide the higher Travel Delay benefit: Trawick Voyager and Worldwide Trip Protector with optional Travel Benefits upgrade.

Trawick Voyager

Trawick Voyager is a silver bullet for Costa Rica’s travel insurance entry requirements. It meets or exceeds Costa Rica’s mandates, as well as AARDY’s recommendations when traveling outside of the US.

If available in your state, Trawick Voyager is the best and easiest option to satisfy Costa Rica’s insurance requirements.

Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector

If Trawick Voyager is not available in your state, opt for the Worldwide Trip Protector (WWTP) with upgraded Travel Benefits. The upgrade costs $35 per person above the standard rate.

WWTP’s benefits also meet or exceed our recommendations for traveling outside of the US. The only inconvenience is that you must buy the optional Travel Benefits upgrade to satisfy Costa Rica’s entry requirements.

Sagicor Individual Insurance

Sagicor individual insurance is available for any Costa Rica visitor to buy. Its price depends on the traveler’s age and length of stay.

Sagicor Trip Insurance only meets the minimum Covid-19 insurance requirements for travel to Costa Rica. It is not comprehensive travel insurance.

Trawick Voyager and Travel Insured Worldwide Trip Protector vs. Sagicor Individual Insurance

We would not recommend that you get your Costa Rica Travel Insurance through Sagicor.

Sagicor Costa Rica travel insurance is costly, particularly for seniors. It struggles with critical coverage gaps.

Below, we compare a 30-day trip to Costa Rica for age 30 and 70 travelers:



Under age 70


Age 70+

Trawick Voyager

Travel Insured

Worldwide Trip Protector

Trip Cancellation



100% Trip Cost

100% Trip Cost

Trip Interruption



150% Trip Cost

150% Trip Cost

Medical Insurance


$300 for Pre-existing Condition


$500 for Pre-existing Condition



Medical Evacuation





Health & Funeral Repatriation





Travel Delay





Cover Pre-existing Condition

Only $300 for Medical Insurance

Only $500 for Medical Insurance

Yes, when purchased on or before Final Payment

Yes, when purchased within 21 days of Initial Payment

Cost for age 30





Cost for age 70





*WWTP Cost includes the optional Travel Benefits upgrade

Costa Rica Medical and Hospital Insurance

Although Costa Rica only requires $50,000 Medical Insurance, AARDY recommends that you have at least $100,000 Medical Insurance anytime you go outside of the US. This is especially important for seniors because Medicare does not pay for treatment abroad.

Trawick Voyager includes $250,000 Medical Insurance, and WWTP carries $100,000. These two policies assure you receive the best possible care if you had a severe medical emergency.

If you are under 70 years old, Sagicor only provides $20,000 in Medical Insurance. If you are older than 70, your coverage increases to $35,000. Costa Rica might deem these amounts acceptable to treat Covid-19, but they will not help you if you have a car accident or stroke.


Travel Delay – Lodging for Quarantine Benefit

Costa Rica requires a $2,000 lodging benefit covering necessary hotel expenses if authorities put you in mandatory quarantine due to Covid-19 exposure.

Trawick Voyager and WWTP with upgraded Travel Benefits both provide a $2,000 Travel Delay benefit. It pays for accommodations due to quarantine, natural disasters, inclement weather, and several other situations. However, it also reimburses you for local transportation, food, and phone calls.

Sagicor includes a $4,000 benefit that only provides for lodging.

Trip Interruption – Costa Rica Travel Insurance

Trawick Voyager and WWTP also have Trip Interruption insurance. It would reimburse you for the unused portion of your trip if you had to cut it short. It also covers the added cost to return home early, like if a family member died.

The policies also offer a refund of trip arrangements lost due to quarantine or another covered travel delay. If you booked excursions or tours, either plan would refund those trip costs.

Sagicor insurance would not compensate you for any lost travel arrangements.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Costa Rica does not require any protection for travelers with Pre-existing Conditions.

AARDY always recommends travelers, especially seniors, buy travel insurance that includes a Waiver of Pre-existing Medical Conditions. The Waiver lets the policy cover all Pre-existing Conditions, no matter how recent.

Trawick Voyager and WWTP can cover treatment in Costa Rica for Pre-existing Conditions up to the policy’s medical limits.

On the other hand, Sagicor’s Pre-existing Condition coverage is limited to just $300 if you are under 70 and $500 if you are 70 or over.

While Sagicor meets Costa Rica’s basic requirements, it’s not comprehensive travel insurance. In a genuine emergency, particularly from a Pre-existing Medical Condition, you would not have adequate financial protection.

Costa Rica Medical Evacuation

Adequate Medical Evacuation insurance is just as essential as travel Medical Insurance. You will not always have a medical emergency in the most convenient place, such as a hospital lobby.

Medical Evacuation covers the transportation costs that get you to the hospital and then back home once you are stable. Without sufficient amounts, your retirement savings could be wiped out in one incident.

Trawick Voyager and WWTP each give you $1,000,000 in Medical Evacuation protection.

This coverage gives you peace of mind and ample financial protection in the face of a medical emergency.

Trip Cancellation for Costa Rica

Regrettably, Sagicor’s Costa Rica Travel Insurance cannot reimburse you for Trip Cancellation. This means that if you become ill, such as with Covid-19, you will not have coverage before going to Costa Rica.

Trawick Voyager and WWTP reimburse your prepaid and non-refundable trip costs for Trip Cancellation and Interruption for covered reasons. This includes contracting Covid-19 before leaving for Costa Rica.

AARDY’s policies also cover Trip Cancellation for:

  • Unforeseen illness, accidental injury, or death
  • Inclement weather that causes complete cessation of services
  • Traffic accident en route to the destination
  • Hijacking, quarantine, jury duty
  • Fire, flood, burglary, or natural disaster
  • Involuntary layoff
  • Theft of passports or visas
  • Mandatory evacuation due to adverse weather or natural disasters
  • Called to military service due to natural disaster
  • Terrorism

Sagicor Costa Rica insurance does not offer any protection until you arrive in Costa Rica.

Covering a Family and Trip Length

While Sagicor will only cover up to 4 family members, Trawick Voyager and WWTP can cover up to 10 people on each policy. They do not need to be family members or even reside together, but must be residents of the same state.

Sagicor and our selected AARDY plans can cover your trip for up to 90 days.

Free Look Period

The Free Look Period refers to how long after you buy the policy, you can cancel it and receive a full refund. Of course, this assumes that you have not filed a claim on the policy or begun your trip already.

The length of the Free Look Period for each of our considered policies is:

  • Trawick Voyager: 10 days
  • WWTP: 14 days
  • Sagicor: 5 days


Extended Your Stay

While visiting Costa Rica, you may want to extend your trip. Some travel insurance plans let you prolong your stay if you have not and do not plan to file a claim.

Trawick – You can increase your trip length after departure for up to 90 days total. Contact Trawick or AARDY for a quote.

WWTP – No,  the trip length cannot change after departure.

Sagicor – You can buy additional coverage at any time up to 90 days.

Travel Insurance That Works in Multiple Countries

What if Costa Rica is just one stop on your trip? Maybe you are curious about Travel Insurance for future trips. Which plans will cover you everywhere you visit?

All of AARDY’s policies are global. Your policy will cover you in each country that you visit during your trip.

Suppose you plan to visit Panama for 5 days during your trip to Costa Rica. A plan through AARDY like the Trawick Voyager or WWTP will safeguard you no matter where you wander.

Conversely, Sagicor trip insurance only protects you while you are in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica Health Pass

The Government of Costa Rica requires travelers entering the country to meet the Health Pass requirements. Its purpose is to control the spread of Covid-19.

Once you receive your Travel Insurance certificate of insurance, you can complete the Health Pass. Learn more about it here.

It’s simple to fill out your Health Pass.

  • Step 1: Agree to the terms set forth by the government of Costa Rica.
  • Step 2: Enter passenger information (name, date of birth, passport number, email, phone number, profession).
  • Step 3: Enter travel details (flight number, dates, seat number, the purpose of the trip, country of origin, travel dates, names of traveling companions, address of hotel or accommodations).
  • Step 4: Health and insurance information (answer questions about your health and provide proof of insurance.

This is what you will see in Step 4:


Costa Rica Travel Insurance is Easy and Affordable to Buy

You can always run a comparison quote with AARDY to see how much money you can save on a comparable or better policy. In fact, we recommend that you shop the broader Travel Insurance Marketplace before settling on the first plan you find.

Plans through AARDY are comprehensive, and our licensed agents will work with you to find the best policy to fit your needs and your trip.

We stay up-to-date on the latest updates in travel information, rules, and requirements. We can help you navigate the ever-changing landscape.

Please stop by and chat with us, send an email, or give us a call at 650-492-6298.

Safe travels!

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