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Emergency Medical Travel Insurance - 2021 Review

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance pays for medical treatment, hospitalization, and ground or air evacuation.

No one expects to have a medical emergency while traveling.

Unfortunately, it happens. And when it does, the last thing you should worry about is how to pay for it.

Helicopter Emergency Medical

Does Travel Insurance Cover Emergency Medical Expenses?

Yes, travel insurance covers emergency medical expenses.

The insurance can include non-critical outpatient clinics like urgent care or serious inpatient hospitalization.

It also pays for medically necessary tests, treatment, and medications.

It is critical that seniors buy emergency medical travel insurance. Medicare does not pay providers outside the US.

While some Medicare supplements include a $50,000 international benefit, there is a catch. You must have a life-threatening medical condition and pay 20% (up to $10,000) of the $50,000 benefit. If your medical care exceeds the covered amount, you pay for all of it out-of-pocket.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Emergency Dental Work?


Comprehensive emergency travel insurance includes a per-person benefit between $500 and $1,000 for:

  • Emergency treatment due to accidental injury to sound natural teeth during your trip
  • Services like x-rays, anesthetics, supplies, and prescription drugs

Travel insurance does not cover cleanings, routine dental work, or other regular care. It only covers accidental injuries during your trip.

Does Travel Insurance Cover Emergency Evacuation?


Travel insurance includes benefits for emergency evacuations. Ground and air evacuations are included.

Medical air evacuation can cost $15,000 to $25,000 per flight hour. Consequently, AARDY recommends having at least $250,000 medical evacuation insurance when outside the US.

It covers the cost of medical repatriation after a medical catastrophe overseas.

How Much Emergency Medical Travel Insurance Do I Need?

When traveling within the USA, AARDY recommends $10,000 medical insurance and $100,000 medical evacuation insurance. It is also wise to get a Pre-existing Condition Waiver to close coverage gaps in medical cancellations or interruptions.

However, when abroad, AARDY urges all travelers to take at least $100,000 medical insurance and $250,000 medical evacuation protection. Even if your private insurance covers you overseas, it likely limits where you can receive treatment and mandates pre-certification. Travel insurance does not.

Travel medical insurance can either be primary or secondary coverage. If secondary, it will wait for your health insurance to pay first, then cover the remainder. Instead, primary medical plans pay first, and do not ask questions about your other insurance.

When traveling overseas, AARDY always recommends getting a Waiver of Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion. It allows the policy to cover all pre-existing conditions, regardless of the diagnosis date. As a result, it closes a significant coverage gap in the policy.

Can I Access Emergency Assistance Travel Insurance?

If you have a medical emergency while traveling, call the policy's Travel Assistance program.

They can help you arrange a flight home, payment for medical treatment, medical evacuation, and receive replacement ID cards and credit cards.

AARDY Travel Insurance Marketplace

If you need medical coverage for international travel, you can compare over 30 trip policies at AARDY Travel Insurance Marketplace. You will always find the lowest prices on travel insurance; we guarantee it.

Please stop by and chat with us, send an email, or give us a call at 650-492-6298.

Safe travels!

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