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Identity Theft - Keep Safe When Traveling - 2021 Review

Don't let the fear of identity theft when traveling spoil your next vacation.


Identity Theft is an Issue While Traveling

Although this crime can happen anywhere to anyone and it's growing every year, tourists make some great targets. Think about it: who else carries all their important documents around with them? At any given moment in every major tourist city, there are hundreds of enticing targets for identity thieves. Each carrying a passport, driver's license, credit cards and who knows what else. And it's all in one convenient location, touring the city in a state of touristic wonderment and unawareness that makes them so ripe for theft.

It's the identity theft perpetrator's dream!

Here's how to stop worrying so you can enjoy the moment on your next big trip. Identity theft when traveling can be a really miserable experience. Let's make sure that this doesn't happen.

Not to ruin the anticipatory delight of your upcoming trip, but did you know that identity theft is a major concern among travelers today?

That may be why 60% of respondents in one survey reported that identity theft when traveling had made an impact on their travel experience in 2015. Of those, a surprising 21% said the issue had impacted their trip "a great deal".

So that you don't become part of these statistics on your next trip, here are some guidelines to help keep you safe.

Three Ways to Avoid Becoming Part of the ID Theft Statistics

  • **Strip down your wallet before you travel. **No need to lug along those department store credit cards while traveling abroad. And while you're at it, remove any other cards you won't need on the road.
  • **Practice safe ATM-ing. **If you use a cash machine to withdraw money from a bank, block the screen with your body, even if you think nobody is around. Someone could be posted up somewhere with binoculars.
  • Actually use that hotel safe this time. Don't carry all your ID documents with you to every tourist spot you hit while traveling. Leave some behind in the hotel, but in the safe.

And if you do indeed become a victim, despite following these safety guidelines, it's good to know that some travel insurance can assist you in these cases. There's something called identity theft protection that is now offered by some underwriters. It helps travelers out when they've had their documents - and possibly their identity - stolen.

Here's how that works:

  • The cover offers assistance during the initial stages of the discovery of the theft. They can help you determine whether there was indeed any fraud, and how to proceed from there.
  • They'll also help you with submitting paperwork to banks, authorities, or credit bureaus.
  • You'll also get help, if necessary, with some preventive measures like monitoring your credit card accounts for fraud and helping you with freezing or canceling them if need be.
  • If your passport or other documents are stolen, the cover may help you restore those items.

To find travel insurance that covers identity theft when traveling, try our comparison tool at AARDY.com ... so you can stop worrying and start enjoying your travel plans!

Safe travels.

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