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IMG MP+ Mission International Insurance - Review

IMG MP+ Mission International Insurance

IMG MP+ Mission International Insurance
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Are you looking for a comprehensive group health insurance cover for your mission group? IMG MP+ Mission International, an IMG Global trip insurance product, is a strong contender.

Comprehensive, employer-sponsored group health insurance for mission groups of two or more – IMG MP+ Mission International Insurance.

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Review of IMG MP+ Mission International Insurance

If you’re in the market for travel protection for your missionaries, you should consider IMG MP+ Mission International. This review will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of this travel medical cover. At a glance, you’ll be able to decide if you want to learn more about this IMG Global Travel Insurance product.

Read on for important information regarding IMG MP+ Mission International travel insurance.


IMG Global Travel Insurance: What is MP+ Mission International Insurance?

IMG MP+ Mission International is travel insurance specifically designed for missionaries working abroad. The core philosophy behind IMG MP+ Mission International was providing core premium stability. Appropriate for any mission group of two or more, this cover features a unique plan design with worldwide benefits.

Standard plans provide up to a maximum of $1,000,000 in cover per lifetime. However, there is also a $5,000,000 maximum plan available as well. Deductibles are applied worldwide per insured person, with two deductibles per family per calendar year. Coinsurance fees outside the U.S. are 0%. Regardless of plan chosen, diagnostic and preventative treatments are 100% covered.

MP+ Mission International is specifically designed to provide healthcare as affordable as possible outside the U.S. That being said, missionaries returning home will still have excellent access to medical care at a reasonable price point.

What MP+ Mission International Insurance is Missing

There’s little that is missing outright from this IMG Global trip insurance product. That being said, costs for treatment are overall higher when a missionary is at home versus abroad. This was designed purposely to provide stable premium pricing for mission groups.

That being said, there are some exclusions that you’ll need to know about. Specific disability-based cover, such as hearing aids or visual eye training, is missing from this plan. Pre-existing conditions are also not covered.

Applying for IMG MP+ International Insurance

Applying for IMG MP+ International is easy and streamlined. Clicking on the website’s Group Proposal button begins the process, linking you to the appropriate forms.

Meanwhile, the IMG Global trip insurance company is ready and waiting to answer any questions you may have. Additional information on MP+ International is just a short email, live chat, or telephone call away. Customer service reps are standing by to provide their expertise.

Benefit Summary

The following benefits are offered to eligible insureds. The plan covers charges for Eligible Medical Expenses within the area of cover. All amounts shown are in U.S. dollars.


Limit/Amount for Eligible Medical Expenses

Area of Coverage


Maximum Limit per Lifetime

$1,000,000 standard, $5,000,000 option available

Deductible per Calendar Year

All deductibles apply worldwide and are per insured person

Family Deductible per Calendar Year

Two deductibles per family

Emergency Room Deductible

An additional deductible of $250 will be applied for each emergency room visit for treatment of an illness which does not result in inpatient status

Coinsurance per Calendar Year

For treatment received outside of the U.S.: 0%

U.S. treatment:

In the PPO Network – 20% of eligible medical expenses until reaching $5,000, then 0%

Utilizing Medical Concierge Provider – 15% of eligible medical expenses until reaching $5,000, then 0%

Outside the PPO Network – 40% of eligible medical expenses until reaching $5,000, then 0%

Eligible Medical Expenses


Hospital Room & Board

Up to the average semi-private room rate, including nursing service

Intensive Care Unit

Maximum of three times (3x) average semi-private room rate

Mental or Nervous Disorders

Outpatient Treatment: 50% of eligible medical expenses and maximum of 40 visits per insured person per calendar year

Inpatient Treatment: Maximum of 30 days per insured person per calendar year

Physical Therapy

$2,500 Maximum per calendar year

U.S.: Medical order or treatment plan required

Outside of the U.S.: Medical order or treatment plan required only for expenses over $1,000

Chiropractic Care

50% of eligible medical expenses up to $500 maximum per calendar year


$7,500 lifetime maximum per insured person

Home Nursing Care

Limited to 30 days per calendar year

Extended Care Facility

Limited to 60 days per calendar year


$750 maximum per calendar year

Preventative Care

Up to $1,000 per calendar year. Not subject to deductible or coinsurance

Prescription Medication

Outside of the U.S.: URC

U.S.: Maximum of 90-day supply per prescription when using Universal Rx program along with the following copays: $15/Tier 1, $30/Tier 2, $60/Tier 3


$500,000 lifetime maximum for covered transplants

Hospital Indemnity Benefit

Outside of the U.S.:

Private Hospitals: $400 per overnight and $4,000 maximum per calendar year

Public Hospitals: $500 per overnight and $5,000 maximum per calendar year when other coverage exists and company is not obligated to pay any benefits

Outpatient Physician/ Specialist Visit

Within the U.S. in the PPO Network, $25 copay

Within the U.S. outside the PPO Network and outside of the U.S.

Subject to deductible and coinsurance

Inter-Facility Ambulance Transfer

Must be the result of an inpatient hospital admission

Not subject to deductible and coinsurance

Maternity and Newborn Care

Subject to deductible and coinsurance

Pregnancy Complications

Subject to deductible and coinsurance

*Usual, Reasonable and Customary (URC) charges.

IMG MP+ Mission Alternative Plan

As another option, you may want to consider the Mission Plus+ Alternative Plan. This plan is designed to be a lower premium cost plan option, that provides an incentive for your members to receive excellent medical care overseas instead of receiving care in the U.S. when it is suitable. This Alternative plan provides the same benefits as the standard MP+ International plan, with the following exceptions:

A higher deductible for care received in the United States and a lower deductible for care received overseas.

  • Example: $500 Overseas and $1,500 in the U.S.

Modified Coinsurance schedule:

If Utilizing Medical Concierge Provider – 15% of Eligible Medical Expenses until reaching $5,000, then 0%

For Treatment received outside the U.S: 0%.

For Treatment received within the U.S:

  • If In the PPO Network, 20% of Eligible Medical Expenses until reaching $10,000, then 0%.
  • If Outside the PPO Network, 40% of Eligible Medical Expenses until reaching $10,000, then 0%.

Eligible transplants limited to a lifetime maximum of $250,000.

Overall Rating for IMG MP+ Mission International Insurance

MP+ International is an excellent choice for mission groups sending missionaries abroad. However, the cover provided is decidedly less effective for missionaries after returning to the US. This makes MP+ Mission International ideal for mission groups that tend to be active. If your missionaries don’t have much downtime at home, the level of international cover this travel medical insurance provides is quite high indeed.

Safe travels.

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