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Is Kayak Travel Insurance A Good Value? - Company Review

Kayak Travel Insurance

Kayak Travel Insurance
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Kayak Travel Insurance - Review and Comparison. Learn why Kayak Travel Insurance is so expensive, yet offers such weak coverage benefits.

Kayak Travel Insurance | AARDY.com

Saving money on flights with a comparison site like Kayak is something many of us do. But, at the checkout page, you will probably be offered Kayak’s own travel insurance.

This is likely to be a very expensive product with limited cover.  Our suggestion is to shop around, like you did with your flights, to find the best trip insurance plan for your needs at the lowest possible price.

Value - Kayak Travel Insurance

Let’s look at a real example. This is a flight from JFK to London on December 16th, returning on December 23rd.

Through Kayak the flight cost is around $6,200 with Korean Air. However, you will see that Kayak is also offering you trip insurance for $402. Before you click to select Kayak travel insurance, go and check whether Kayak is giving you a good or a bad deal. Travel Insurance comparison sites like AARDY will allow you to compare and contrast what your airline or travel site is offering you.

Cost - Kayak Travel Insurance

If we run the exact same search in AARDY you will see that our cheapest comparable travel insurance plan is just $240 for the iTravel Insured Travel Lite product. This gives far superior cover to the Kayak product. You will see that the Kayak travel insurance has just $20,000 of medical cover to our $100,000 and Kayak's plan only has $100,000 of medical evacuation to our $250,000.

$402 with Kayak or $240 with AARDY. Better cover at a much lower price.

So, before you book your flight on Kayak and buy its trip insurance, shop around and find the right travel plans for your needs.

Travel Hack - AARDY

And if you want to save even more money on your flights, try the AARDY Flight Hack. We have a whole article on this great travel tip, but in essence the advice is to never buy a refundable ticket again. Buy a non-refundable ticket and some cancel for any reason travel insurance to save you hundreds of dollars.

Safe travels.

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I Panicked When I Discovered I panicked when I discovered the Travel Insurance I had through Expedia had expired when I changed my flight reservation. When I went to renew I was told I couldn't. I discovered AARDY on my AARP site and I was excited I could purchase an even better travel plan with cover starting with my trip departure, at a cost I could afford. I was confused with the initial site and Mr. Breeze reached out to me for clarification. He explained the policy more thoroughly and addressed all my concerns, can't get any better than that! Thank You AARDY and thank you Jonathan for your assistance. I can go on my trip now knowing I'll be covered for medical emergencies and then some. _ _Barbara

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Good Choices, Well Explained I liked the way insurance was explained. I had read an article your company had written explaining Expedia trip cover versus other choices. I used this advice to make the best choice for me and my traveling companions. That choice was to take a policy that provided much better medical and evacuation primary care. Your site allowed comparisons, and I think I got the best value for my money. I don't like constant follow up emails, though. You could back off a bit!! Louise

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