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Never Lose Luggage Again - 2021 Review

Let's never lose luggage again.  Here is a simple travel hack to ensure our bags stay with us.

Let's keep your luggage safe.

Losing a bag can be a traumatic experience.  Most of us who travel frequently have had it happen to us. It can ruin a vacation that took months to plan and years to save for. Wedding dresses have gone astray. Business suits for critical meetings have vanished. Using this simple hack means you will never lose luggage again.

The airlines do an incredible job ensuring that almost all bags arrive with the correct passengers, on time. Sometimes mistakes happen - the bags not being loaded in time is a common error. When this occurs, the airline is able to send the bag on the next flight and arrange for onward shipment - they genuinely work very hard to ensure that passengers and their bags are reunited.

Further problems are created when the baggage tag is torn from a bag at the airport.  This does happen fairly frequently. Now we have a problem - the airport cannot identify which aircraft the bag should go on.

The bag will be taken to a secure facility, where it will be opened (often this is done under video surveillance, such is the desire to prove fair play by the airline). The airline is looking for identification inside the bag so as to be able to get the bag back to its rightful owner.

Never Lose Luggage

And this is where we can help ourselves with this wonderful tip ...

I received some wonderful advice years ago from one of the incredible British Airways staff based at Lisbon airport.

She helped track down a bag that had been lost for months. Her advice for checked bags is that you should always put at least one business card inside the case - that way, the airline can track you down and give you the bag back. Our problem was that we had no ID in the bag, and the bag ticket had been torn from the bag.

When the bag was opened, and the contents recorded (in a filmed room at Heathrow, no less) there was nothing inside to ID us. Had we just dropped a business card inside the bag, we would have had it back the following day.

AARDY Biz Card

So, for every case I have, I put one of these in the side pocket - the first thing that the airline checks - and one inside the case itself. Remember, the airline genuinely wants to reunite you with your bag. All you need are some business cards.

Name, number, and email - and you are back in business.

Safe travels!

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