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What are the Saint Maarten Travel Entry Requirements?

If you are planning a vacation to Saint Maarten or boarding a cruise ship in this beautiful port, think about travel insurance.

Saint Maarten has travel insurance requirements you need to review before they let you in the door.

Saint Maarten Main

Covid-19 Travel Insurance Requirements

Travelers who will stay in Saint Maarten for more than 24 hours must meet Covid-19 government requirements.

For travelers staying more than 24 hours, you must take a covid test before entering and buy the SXM Protection Plan. It is mandatory to enter the country.

Cruise passengers who will transfer directly to the cruise ship or stay on the island less than 24 hours are considered Transit Passengers. They exempt from testing and insurance requirements.

To learn more about Saint Maarten travel requirements, click here.

Does Saint Maarten Require Travelers to Have Covid-19 Vaccines?


At the time of publishing, St. Maarten does not require travelers to prove vaccination. However, they must test negative for Covid-19.

Important: If you pass through St. Maarten to board a cruise, most cruise lines require passengers age 18 or older to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Under 18 must take a Covid-19 test.

Should You Buy Travel Insurance for Saint Maarten?


Your coverage is inadequate if you rely solely on the SXM plan or a cruise line program.

You can find a policy with more comprehensive coverage through AARDY:

Saint Maarten SXM Protection Plan Coverage

The SXM Protection Plan only covers Covid-19-related circumstances:

  • Hospital Costs: Only covers services and tests for severe COVID-19 symptoms. No other illness or injury.
  • Intensive Care Unit Costs: Only includes treatment of a critical ailment caused by COVID-19. No other illness or injury.
  • Transportation: Pays a maximum of $350 for specialized Covid-19 transportation.
  • Doctor Consults: Covers Covid-19 doctor's visits for a maximum of $500. No other illness or injury.
  • Isolation Expenses: Positive Covid-19 requiring medical isolation includes $125 per day, max. 14 days. No benefits for negative test results.
  • Covid-19 Test: Pays up to $75 per test, max. 4. Must be medically necessary. Does not cover tests required before departure.
  • Maximum Limit: Maximum limit for all benefits together, except Medical Evacuation, is $50,000.
  • Medical Evacuation: Pays up to $20,000 for transportation to another island if Covid-19 cannot be treated in St. Maarten.

You must buy the SXM Protection Plan if:

  • You are staying in St Maarten for your part or all of your vacation.
  • You stay in St Maarten for more than 24 hours before departing on a cruise ship.

Why Should I Buy A Comprehensive Travel Insurance Plan?

Travel always involves risk, and it has never been riskier to travel.

There are more unknowns than ever, and travel insurance gives you peace of mind if those unknowns prevent or curtail your trip.

You make an investment in travel experiences, so it makes sense to protect it with insurance.

If you had a major medical emergency abroad, you would pay for all treatment yourself. Travel medical insurance helps protect your savings and retirement nest egg from unexpected medical bills.

Saint Maarten Cruise Travel Insurance Requirements

Cruise guests who transfer directly to the ship are exempt from the mandatory purchase of the SXM Protection Plan and Covid-19 testing.

However, if you plan a pre-or post-cruise stay, you must buy their plan when entering the country.

If you are passing through Saint Maarten for less than 24 hours to join the cruise ship, Saint Maartin does not require you to buy their insurance plan or take a Covid-19 test.

However, that does not mean you should forget about travel insurance.

  • What if you contract a new strain of Covid-19 on the trip?
  • What if there is an outbreak on the ship of a different infectious disease (like Norovirus or the Flu), and the ship quarantines passengers in their cabins?
  • What if you have a heart attack, stroke, or accidental injury during the cruise?

The cruise line will not compensate you for any of these losses. Travel insurance can.

For this comparison, we use the Trawick First Class, as it is popular for cruises. However, it one of 30+ options available from AARDY Travel Insurance Marketplace.

Page Title

Benefit Per Person

Trawick First Class

SXM Protection Plan

Celebrity CruiseCare

Windstar Cruises

Trip Cancellation

100% Trip Cost Refund


100% Trip Cost Refund

100% Trip Cost Refund

Trip Interruption

150% Trip Cost Refund


100% Trip Cost Refund

100% Trip Cost Refund

Medical Insurance

$150,000 for hospitalization or treatment for any injury or illness, including Covid-19

$500 doctor's visit;

Includes hospitalization and doctor’s visits for Covid-19 treatment only.


$10,000 Standard

$50,000 Premium

Medical Evacuation

$1,000,000 for local and medical repatriation transportation costs for any health emergency

$350 ground ambulance to SXM hospital only

$20k to nearest hospital only; does not return you home


$25,000 Standard

$100,000 Premium

Covid-19 Test

Yes, if medically necessary

$75 per test limit if medically necessary



Medical Isolation/Quarantine in Ship Cabin

Yes - Trip Interruption and Travel Delay




Pre-existing Medical Condition Treatment




No - Standard

Yes - Premium

Travel Delay/Medical Isolation Quarantine Lodging

$1,000 max per person

$1,750 max per person

$500 max per person

$500-$1,000 max per person

Plan Cost

$75 per person*

$30 per person every time you enter Saint Maarten

$70 per person*

$80-100 per person*

*This is a sample premium. Price will vary based on your trip cost and age.

Trip Cancellation

AARDY travel insurance plans reimburse you 100% for your flights, cruise, and other non-refundable prepaid travel arrangements if you cancel for a covered reason.

The SXM plan allows you to get a refund on the insurance if your trip is canceled. However, you would not be eligible to file any claims for losses.

Celebrity and Windstar Cruises allow you to cancel for a covered reason for a 100% refund, but they offer just a few circumstances.

  1. New injury or illness after buying plan
  2. Traffic accident en route to departure
  3. Natural disaster makes your home uninhabitable
  4. Called to active duty to aid after a natural disaster
  5. Subpoena or jury duty

Note that none of the cruise line insurance policies reimburse airfare or hotel costs unless you booked them through the cruise line.

AARDY's plans offer comprehensive cancellation. Some programs even include a 75% cash refund for Cancel For Any Reason.

Celebrity and Windstar offer an optional Cancel For Any Reason waiver but only provide a future credit that expires after 12 months.

  • Celebrity CruiseCare – 90% future credit
  • Windstar Standard – 50% future credit
  • Windstar Premium – 90% future credit

Trip Interruption

If you contract Covid-19 during your trip and require medical treatment, AARDY travel insurance reimburses the trip's unused portion.

It also covers medically-necessary lodging until the doctor gives you the all-clear to return home.

Likewise, Trip Interruption also covers leaving early due to a family emergency or natural disaster back home, terrorism at your destination, called to jury duty, or subpoena.

SXM insurance does not reimburse you for any money lost on travel arrangements.

Medical Insurance

Although all plans offer medical treatment, they are not equal.

If you require medical treatment for any reason other than Covid-19, the SXM plan does not pay a dime. You must pay for all treatment and evacuation out-of-pocket.

Every AARDY travel insurance plan covers medically-necessary treatment so you can stabilize and return home.

Trawick First Class includes $150,000 Medical Insurance per person for any covered injury or illness. AARDY recommends anyone traveling outside the US take at least $100,000 in medical protection.

Most of AARDY's insurance programs also include coverage for Pre-existing Medical Conditions. Just choose a policy with a Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver and buy it within 14-21 days of your initial deposit to qualify.

Celebrity and Windstar also have Medical Insurance, but it is inadequate. Celebrity only offers $25,000, Windstar Standard has a mere $10,000, while Windstar Premium provides $50,000. These limits just are not helpful in an emergency. You would pay the bulk of expenses out-of-pocket.

Similarly, Celebrity CruiseCare and Windstar Standard do not offer Medical coverage for Pre-existing Conditions unless they are older than 60 days and unchanged. Windstar Premium has a Waiver if you buy the plan within 14 days of the initial deposit.

Medical Evacuation

SXM Protection Plan has minimal Medical Evacuation protection. It is designed to take you to a nearby hospital if the local hospital cannot treat you. It will not pay to return you home after a medical emergency.

What if you require an emergency evacuation from the ship?

All of AARDY's travel insurance policies include Medical Evacuation. We always recommend at least $250,000 Medical Evacuation in case of a critical medical emergency. It is enough coverage to fly you home from St. Maartin to California, Alaska, or Hawaii after a severe medical event.

Celebrity cruise insurance offers only $50,000 Medical Evacuation and Windstar between $25,000 and $100,000 Medical Evacuation. For the Caribbean, Windstar Premium's $100,000 should be sufficient to return you to Miami. If you live on the west coast, you might have to pay for return transportation yourself.

Travel Delay

Travel delay insurance reimburses you for the cost of a hotel, food, local transportation, and phone calls if you have a covered delay.

All of AARDY's travel insurance policies include doctor-prescribed medical isolation as a covered trip delay. If you must stay at a local hotel until the treating physician clears you to return home, Travel Delay covers this. Travel delay offers a daily benefit that varies between plans.

For example, the Trawick First Class trip insurance plan reimburses up to $200 per day, up to $1,000 max per person.

SXM Protection Plan covers up to $1,750 max per person for lodging due to Covid-19 medical isolation.

Celebrity CruiseCare trip delay includes only $500 total. Windstar Standard offers $100/day, max $500. Finally, Windstar Premium has $100/day up to $1,000 max.

Some AARDY plans include up to $2,000 trip delay protection, with the option to add more benefits.

Be Prepared For Your Trip To St. Maarten

If you're heading to St. Maarten for an island vacation or Eastern Caribbean cruise, make sure you know the country's entry requirements.

Consider a comprehensive travel insurance policy to protect your investment, and more importantly, your health.

AARDY Travel Insurance Marketplace

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Safe travels!

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