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Seven Corners RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance - 2021 Review

Seven Corners RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance

Seven Corners RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance
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If you’re traveling, you need comprehensive but affordable protection for you, your belongings, and your investment in travel expenses. Seven Corners RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance is one possible solution. With $100k of Travel Medical Cover, and $500k in Medical Evacuation Protection, Seven Corners RoundTrip Choice Trip Insurance is an excellent choice for international travelers.

Review of Seven Corners Trip Insurance Company: Overview of RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance

You’ve invested a lot in your upcoming trip – not just the cost of travel but the belongings you plan to bring with you, not to mention the health of you and your family. Keep your bases covered with RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance from Seven Corners.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance: What is RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance?

RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance is an affordable yet highly comprehensive trip insurance policy from Seven Corners. This policy provides protections for trip costs, medical costs, and costs associated with lost or damaged luggage for your entire family.

Trip cancellation cover pays for 100% of your non-refundable prepaid trip costs up to $20,000, while trip interruption benefits provide up to 150% of your trip costs. Trip delay and missed connection/cruise compensation benefits are $600 and $1,000 respectively. Lost, stolen, or damaged baggage and effects are insured for up to $1,500, and baggage delays of 12 hours or more are insured for $300.

On the medical side of things, RoundTrip Choice provides $100,000 in emergency medical expense cover, with an additional $500,000 in emergency evacuation or repatriation. Both common carrier AD&D and 24-hour AD&D are covered up to $10,000 each, there’s $20,000 set aside for political evacuation, and there are additional benefit options to insure against flight accidents, rental car damage, and compensation for ski or golf holidays canceled due to bad weather.

Importantly, a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver is available to those travelers who purchase a policy within 20 days of initial trip payment or deposit. Note that a traveler must insure all non-refundable prepaid trip costs to be eligible for the Medical Waiver. Any subsequent trip costs must also be insured within 20 days of payment in order to maintain the Medical Waiver.

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Seven Corners Travel Insurance Review: What’s Missing From RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance?

There are several baggage exclusions for items such as electronics and personal medical equipment.

Coverage for job termination and layoff is included, but work vacation cancellation is only available as an optional extra.

This insurance won’t cover trips to the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Syrian Arab Republic, or Cuba, Additionally, it’s not available to anyone living in the states of Alaska, Colorado, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, Virginia, or Washington.

RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance Benefits

Trip Cost Protection

Trip Cancellation - 100% of Trip Cost up to $20,000

Covers your non-refundable, prepaid trip cost if you are unable to take your trip due to a covered reason.

Trip Interruption - Up to 150% of Trip Cost

Covers the non-refundable, unused portion of your prepaid trip cost and the additional cost to return home or rejoin your trip due to a covered reason.

Trip Delay - $600

Pays for additional transportation, meals, accommodations and non-refundable, unused prepaid expenses if you are delayed six or more hours en route to/from your trip. (Separate coverage reasons apply.)

Missed Cruise/Tour Connection - $1,000

Pays additional transportation costs to join your cruise or tour if you miss your connection due to a delay of three or more hours. Also covers accommodations, meals, and non-refundable trip payments for the unused portion of the cruise or tour. (Separate coverage reasons apply.)

Medical Protection

Emergency Medical Expense - $100,000

Covers medical treatment for a sickness or injury that occurs during your trip.

Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation - $500,000

We will transport you to the nearest appropriate medical facility if medically necessary and return your remains to your residence or burial place if you die while traveling. If you are hospitalized more than seven days, we will 1) transport dependent children home if they are traveling with you, and 2) send a person chosen by you to/from your bedside if you are traveling alone.

Baggage Protection

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Baggage & Personal Effects - $1,500

Baggage Delay - $300

Covers checked bags for flights on the way TO destinations if delayed more than 12 hours. (This is secondary to other coverage.)

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

24-Hour AD&D - $10,000

Pays benefits for death, loss of limbs, or loss of sight due to an accident occurring on your trip.

Common Carrier AD&D - $10,000

Pays benefits for death, loss of limbs, or loss of sight due to an accident that occurs when you are riding, boarding, or alighting from a common carrier.

Political Evacuation - $20,000 This benefit pays to transport you to the nearest safe place or to your primary residence if you must leave your trip because a Travel Advisory or Travel Warning is issued by the U.S. State Department for you to leave a country you are visiting due to 1) civil, military or political unrest, or 2) you being expelled or declared persona non grata by a country you are visiting. This benefit is not available if a Travel Advisory or Travel Warning is issued before your arrival in that country or if the country is listed as an Excluded Country before your arrival there. Benefits are payable only if arrangements are made by Seven Corners Assist.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Waiver Pre-existing conditions are excluded from cover. If you are concerned about cover for these conditions, the exclusion is waived if you buy RoundTrip Choice within 20 days of your initial trip payment or deposit and you insure all nonrefundable prepaid trip costs. You must also insure the cost of all subsequent travel arrangements added to your trip within 20 days of the payment date for each of those arrangements.

Trip Cancellation And Interruption Covered Reasons

  • Sickness, Injury or Death
  • Jury Duty
  • Quarantine
  • Court-Ordered Appearance
  • Traffic Accident
  • Residence Uninhabitable
  • Strike
  • Felonious Assault
  • Military Duty for Natural Disaster Relief
  • Termination/Layoff/Transfer
  • Weather
  • Terrorist Incident
  • Bankruptcy/Default
  • Natural Disaster
  • Hijacking

Applying for RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance from Seven Corners Trip Insurance

Seven Corners Travel Insurance makes it easy to apply for RoundTrip Choice, thanks to its interactive website. Simply fill out a quick online form, click the Get Quote button, and you’re on your way to securing this trip insurance.

Meanwhile, if you have questions that haven’t been answered here, you can chat live with a Seven Corners customer service rep, call them on the telephone, or even simply send an email.

Review of Seven Corners Trip Insurance Company: RoundTrip Choice Travel Insurance Overall Rating

RoundTrip Choice is a good middle-of-the-road trip insurance choice for anyone who wants comprehensive protection at an affordable price. However, because of some of its exclusions, it’s recommended to ensure you know its limitations before deciding if this insurance policy is right for your travel needs.

Safe travels.

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