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Seven Corners RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance - Review

Seven Corners RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance

Seven Corners RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance
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  • Strong Insurance Partner
  • Substantial Medical Cover
  • Good Medical Waiver


  • Some Work Cancellation Protections are Omitted

If you’re looking for travel insurance that provides cover for your health, your belongings, and your trip costs, Seven Corners RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance may be suitable for your needs. With $250k of Travel Medical Cover and $1m in Medical Evacuation, this comprehensive trip insurance plan is suitable for travelers heading overseas.

Review of Seven Corners RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance

RoundTrip Elite, a comprehensive trip insurance plan from Seven Corners Travel Insurance, provides high levels of cover for not just medical issues, but also trip cancellation and incidental complexities like luggage delay for trips as long as 90 days.

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Seven Corners Travel Insurance: What is RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance?

RoundTrip Elite is an all-encompassing travel cover, providing ways to protect your investment in an upcoming trip, ways to protect your health during it, and ways to protect your belongings throughout your travels. Whether you’re traveling alone, with your spouse, or with your entire family, RoundTrip Elite provides plenty of just-in-case benefits.

Trip cancellation coverage provides security for 100% of the trip cost, up to $30,000.  Trip interruption increases this benefit to 150% of the trip cost, and trip delay or missed cruise/connection cover are $1,500 each under this plan.  Meanwhile, emergency medical expenses are covered up to $250,000 (including $750 for repair to a dental injury) and up to $1,000,000 in emergency medical evacuation or repatriation cover.

Baggage protection for lost, stolen, or damaged personal property is set at $2,500 under this plan, as is $600 for baggage delay. Additional protections include $25,000 for 24-hour AD&D and $25,000 for common carrier AD&D, 24/7 travel insurance, a pre-existing condition waiver, and several optional benefits for even higher levels of cover.

Seven Corners Travel Insurance Review: What’s Missing From RoundTrip Elite Travel Medical Insurance?

There are few limitations. However, we note that a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver will only be issued if all non-refundable prepaid costs are insured. There are a few policies from other carriers that do not require the full trip costs to be insured so as to provide a Medical Waiver, but the majority, like Seven Corners, do require full cover to be in place.

Cover for job termination and layoff is included in the plan. However, in the event that a previously approved work vacation period is rescinded, there is no cover. Such cover is available as an optional extra, as is Cancel for Any Reason, and Rental Car Cover.

In addition to these limitations, RoundTrip Elite does not cover trips made to Cuba, the Syrian Arab Republic, or the Islamic Republic of Iran.

We think that the Seven Corners RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance plan strikes a good balance between sensible cover for a discerning traveler, and needless additional cover which would simply add expense. The majority of customers who will find the Elite policy useful will be retired travelers taking longer, more expensive trips. We think the policy is very well suited to this particular travel group.

Round Trip Elite Policy Benefits

Trip Cost Protection

Trip Cancellation - 100% of Trip Cost up to $30,000

Covers your non-refundable, prepaid trip cost if you are unable to take your trip due to a covered reason.

Trip Interruption - Up to 150% of Trip Cost

Covers the non-refundable, unused portion of your prepaid trip cost and the additional cost to return home or rejoin your trip due to a covered reason.

Trip Delay - $1,500

Pays for additional transportation, meals, accommodations and non-refundable, unused prepaid expenses if you are delayed six or more hours en route to/from your trip. (Separate coverage reasons apply.)

Missed Cruise/Tour Connection - $1,500

Pays additional transportation costs to join your cruise or tour if you miss your connection due to a delay of three or more hours. Also covers accommodations, meals, and non-refundable trip payments for the unused portion of the cruise or tour. (Separate coverage reasons apply.)

Medical Protection

Emergency Medical Expense - $250,000 Includes Dental Expense of $750 for an injury

Covers medical treatment for a sickness or injury that occurs during your trip.

Emergency Medical Evacuation/Repatriation - $1,000,000

We will transport you to the nearest appropriate medical facility if medically necessary and return your remains to your residence or burial place if you die while traveling. If you are hospitalized more than seven days, we will 1) transport dependent children home if they are traveling with you, and 2) send a person chosen by you to/from your bedside if you are traveling alone.

Baggage Protection

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Baggage & Personal Effects - $2,500

Baggage Delay - $600

Covers checked bags for flights on the way TO destinations if delayed more than 12 hours. (This is secondary to other coverage.)

Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D)

24-Hour AD&D - $25,000

Pays benefits for death, loss of limbs, or loss of sight due to an accident occurring on your trip.

Common Carrier AD&D - $25,000

Pays benefits for death, loss of limbs, or loss of sight due to an accident, which occurs when you are riding, boarding, or alighting from a common carrier.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Waiver

Pre-existing conditions are excluded from cover. If you are concerned about cover for these conditions, the exclusion is waived if you buy RoundTrip Elite within 20 days of your initial trip deposit and you insure all nonrefundable prepaid trip costs. You must also insure the cost of all subsequent travel arrangements added to your trip within 20 days of the payment date for each of those arrangements.

Non-Insurance Services

24/7 Travel Assistance Service - Included (provided by Seven Corners Assist)

Optional Benefits

Flight Accident - $100,000, $250,000 or $500,000

Pays additional AD&D benefits due to an accident occurring while you are a passenger on an aircraft.

Rental Car Damage - $35,000

Provides rental car cover while on your trip.

Cancel For Any Reason - 75% of Trip Cost

Pays if you cancel your trip for any reason not otherwise covered, if 1) you cancel two days or more before departure, 2) you buy cover within 20 days of your initial trip deposit, and 3) you insure all nonrefundable prepaid trip costs (you must also insure the cost of subsequent travel arrangements added to your trip within 15 days of the payment/deposit for each of those arrangements)._ (Not available to NY and Florida residents.)_

Cancel for Work Reasons - 100% of Trip Cost

This option adds the covered reasons below for trip cancellation. (Coverage must be purchased within 20 days of your initial trip deposit.)

  • Company merger/acquisition
  • Transfer which requires relocation of your principal residence
  • Requirement to work during the trip
  • Place of employment unsuitable for business due to natural disaster

Note: Coverage for job termination & layoff is included in the base plan. Not available to Florida residents.

Lost Ski Days & Equipment Rental - $1,000

Pays up to $500 for your lift ticket if you cannot ski because 50% or more of the trails are closed. Also pays up to $500 for equipment rental if your checked sports equipment is lost, stolen, damaged, or delayed 12 hours or longer. You may not purchase both the golf and ski options on the same plan. Not available to Florida residents.

Lost Golf Rounds & Equipment Rental - $1,000

Pays up to $500 for prepaid golf tickets or green fees if you cannot play nine holes of an 18-hole round due to weather. Also pays up to $500 for equipment rental if your checked sports equipment is lost, stolen, damaged or delayed 12 hours or longer. You may not purchase both the golf and ski options on the same plan. Not available to Florida residents.

Trip Cancellation And Interruption Covered Reasons

  • Sickness, Injury or Death
  • Jury Duty
  • Quarantine
  • Court-Ordered Appearance
  • Traffic Accident
  • Residence Uninhabitable
  • Strike
  • Felonious Assault
  • Military Duty for Natural Disaster Relief
  • Termination/Layoff/Transfer
  • Weather
  • Terrorist Incident
  • Bankruptcy/Default
  • Natural Disaster
  • Hijacking

Applying for RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance from Seven Corners Trip Insurance

You can find more details for RoundTrip Elite on the Seven Corners website, along with an easy application process that involves clicking a Get Quote button after filling out a small form. If you have more questions, you can call the company directly, send an email, or chat live with a customer service rep.

Review of Seven Corners Trip Insurance Company: RoundTrip Elite Travel Insurance Overall Rating

If you’re in need of high levels of travel insurance cover, RoundTrip Elite has much to recommend it. As long as you’re aware of its limitations with its baggage cover, and you don’t have to worry about pre-existing medical conditions, RoundTrip Elite is an excellent choice for anyone traveling outside the borders of their home country for up to 90 days at a time.

Safe travels.

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