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What Isn't Covered by Travel Insurance? - 2021 Review

Most people don't read the fine print when they buy travel insurance even though it's in your best interest.

Do you know what's covered by travel insurance and what isn't on the typical policy?

how to buy travel insurance

Here's an easy guide to some of the most common things that aren't covered by trip insurance.

Look it over and keep this list handy for the next time you're looking at travel insurance plans.

Things Not Covered on Basic Travel Insurance Policies

Extreme Sports

If you have an adventurous vacation in mind, go for it.

Cheap trip insurance won't be enough, so you might need a specific particular policy for:

  • Bungee jumping
  • Skydiving, parachuting or hang gliding
  • Hot air ballooning
  • Climbing or rappelling
  • Backcountry or heli-skiing/boarding
  • Mountaineering  
  • Scuba diving past 100-feet or without a divemaster
  • Professional athletic event (participation)
  • Motorsport or motor racing
  • Multi-sport endurance competition
  • Base jumping/wingsuit
  • Cliff diving
  • Parkour
  • Spelunking or caving
  • Bodily contact sports

Excluded activities and limitations vary from policy to policy, so check the fine print to find it out if or how your activity is covered.

Losses Due to Being Drunk, High, and Stupid

If the law finds you intoxicated, then whatever damage you do to yourself, your property, or others and their property is your financial responsibility alone.

Health Risks and Pandemics

If there's an outbreak or pandemic at your destination or state of residence, your travel insurance plan does not cover cancellation or interruption.

On the other hand, if you purchase a Cancel for Any Reason option, you may cancel and receive 75% reimbursement for your prepaid and non-refundable deposits.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

You can buy travel medical insurance, but it may not cover your Pre-existing Conditions.

Prices for Travel Medical Insurance varies widely. Why? All policies cover you for something new and unexpected. Still, some do not include any Medical Condition you knew about before traveling.

The medical condition must have been stable over a Look Back period. Look Back means the 60-180 days immediately before you bought the travel insurance policy. If an older medical condition worsened over the Look Back, the plan would not cover it.

You can quickly identify the Look Back Periods in each quote box:

What Isnt Covered Compare

If you need your travel insurance policy to cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions, look at the information directly below the Look Back Period on the quote.

What Isnt Covered Compare LookBack

Some plans offer a Waiver of Look Back, allowing the policy to Waive the exclusion of Pre-existing Conditions. It means the policy can cover Pre-existing Conditions. However, to activate the Waiver, you must purchase the plan within the Time Sensitive Period, 10-21 days of your initial trip deposit.

Simply buy the policy early, right after you paid the first deposit, and you can be sure it covers Pre-existing Conditions.

On one last note, travel insurance never covers pregnancy as a Pre-existing Condition. If you are already pregnant when you book the trip, buy a Cancel For Any Reason policy if you need the ability to cancel if your doctor orders bed rest or you have complications. Usually, childbirth is not covered either.

Read the fine print if you're pregnant and planning a trip.

Baggage  Delayed For Less Than a Day

On outbound flights, your baggage typically has to be delayed for at least 24 hours before you can get receive reimbursement for purchases made because you have no luggage.

If you have to buy clothing, toiletries, or other essential items, you'll receive reimbursement, but only if you waited 24 hours and still have no luggage. You might want to pack a few emergency items in your carry-on to get you through that first 24 hours.

Delay times can vary from policy to policy, so check your plan's details.

Civil Unrest or War in the Destination Country

Riots break out, military action ensues, and a civil war erupts in your destination country. Travel insurance does not even cover war if you lose out on your trip.

A Trip Canceled by the Provider

If the travel provider canceled part or all of your trip, they must compensate you. Travel insurance also does not cover costs if one provider cancels, but another provider does not cancel. For example, a cruise line that cancels the trip, but you still have airfare that was not canceled.

If you want to receive reimbursement for the lost airfare, only a Cancel For Any Reason policy can help you here.

US State Department Travel Advisories

Occasionally, the US State Department issues travel advisories for countries based on social, political, safety, or health reasons. Travel advisories and warnings are not covered reasons to cancel or interrupt your trip. Again, a Cancel For Any Reason policy with Interruption For Any Reason would be helpful in this situation.

Border Closings

If a country you intend to visit closes its borders to visitors, you are not covered.

Visa or Passport Did Not Arrive in Time

Visas and passports might not arrive in time for your trip, but this is another situation not compensated by travel insurance. If there is a possibility that your passport or visa may not be ready in time to travel, buy a Cancel For Any Reason policy.

Cancel For Any Reason Travel Insurance

If you're wondering how to get travel insurance that covers more, look into the Cancel for Any Reason (CFAR) benefit.

It protects you from many of the exclusions for trip cancellation, some of which you see listed here. If you see political unrest, virus outbreak, or lousy weather on the horizon at your destination, the CFAR benefit reimburses you 75% of the trip cost if you feel the need to cancel before you leave.

However, if you are interested in a Cancel For Any Reason plan, make sure to buy it early. Ideally, get it within two weeks of paying your initial deposit or payment for the trip. If you wait too long, you lose the option to buy Cancel For Any Reason.

Travel Insurance Comparison – Will I Pay More Buying Travel Insurance from a Comparison Website?

No, you do not save money buying from the travel insurance company.

AARDY offers prices identical to those directly from the insurance carrier. No one is allowed to compete on price for travel insurance.

Have questions? You can talk with a licensed agent when you contact us by chat, email, or phone.

Safe Travels.

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