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Teen Travel Insurance - 2021 Review

Teen Travel Insurance is probably the last thing that a young person will think of when they head off to Mexico for a week with friends.

Yet Teen Travel Insurance is something that all of them should be taking with them.

Parents and grandparents are understandably worried when their teenage children or grandchildren head off on foreign trips. Of course, we want our teenage travelers to enjoy themselves and experience new cultures. But, we would like the peace of mind to know that there was some form of protective bubble around them, should there be a truly unfortunate accident or incident.

When we think of our own teenage years, we may recall that we were fairly carefree, and felt that we were indestructible. Many of us look back on those years with a wry smile, and a shake of the head. So, whilst we wish to protect our teenage kids when they travel, we also want them to be able to adventure and grow as human beings. It is quite a conflict!

Teen Travel Insurance is never going to put a physical arm around them when they travel. But buying trip insurance for a teenage traveler can do an awful lot to reduce the costs of any accidents or misadventures they have.

Worked Example – Teen Travel Insurance

One of our most popular teen travel insurance plans is the iTravelInsured Travel Lite. It tends to be a very inexpensive travel insurance, and is particularly good value for younger travelers.

Example Case – Teen Travel Insurance

At AARDY, we compared trip insurance for a 19-year-old traveler heading to Mexico for a week. The trip costs $500.

When getting a quote, you do not need to cover every member of the group. Even if you are paying for this trip, you can buy insurance for just your child. Usually, it's easier than trying to organize everyone into the same plan.

There are many options, but how do you know which is best for your young traveler? In the rest of this review, we discuss what to look for in Teen Travel Insurance, so your child has enough protection.

Why is Teen Travel Insurance so Cheap?

Teen Travel Insurance is very affordable. Younger travelers may do crazier things than their parents or grandparents, but they rarely get sick.

If they do, they tend to heal quickly at little cost. If you thought Teen Travel Insurance would be costly, you’d be happy to know they are the least expensive.

SC and TII

Trawick and JH

After reviewing Teen Travel Insurance options above, there are several excellent options in the $30-32 range.

Trip Cancellation Protection

All travel insurance policies on Aardy’s website provide comprehensive Trip Cancellation protection.

This coverage provides reimbursement for the trip if something unforeseen happens. For example, a traveler becomes too sick or injured, a family member becomes gravely ill or passes away.

While this kind of insurance is important to senior travelers, it should also concern younger travelers.

Cancel For Any Reason Teen Travel Insurance

All travel insurance policies include a list of reasons covered for cancellation, but what if you have to cancel for something else?

Cancel For Any Reason lets you cancel the trip, for any reason at all, if the policy does not name it. You receive a 75% refund of all trip costs. This particular coverage is only available when you buy the plan within 14-21 days of your initial payment or deposit.

If you are staying at a resort that required a non-refundable deposit and rent golf carts that are non-refundable, all of those costs must be insured. Unfortunately, you cannot cherry-pick covering just your flight. You must include all prepaid, non-refundable travel arrangements.

If you exercise your Cancel For Any Reason option, you can use it anytime until 48 hours before departure, but not within the 48 hours immediately before you leave.

Because travel insurance is inexpensive for young travelers, Cancel For Any Reason insurance is also affordable.

AARDY offers several options for Cancel For Any Reason, like Seven Corners Round Trip Choice CFAR for $42:


Teen Travel Insurance - Medical Insurance

You wouldn’t send your child out into the world without health insurance, why send them abroad without it? Mexico, in particular, is known for requiring payment in the emergency room before they provide treatment. We wrote an excellent travel insurance guide to Mexico, which is well worth a read.

We rarely see US health insurance that offers coverage overseas.

Instead, Travel Medical Insurance guarantees your Teen can seek medical treatment in an emergency and not worry about bringing home thousands of dollars of medical debt.

Private hospitals overseas can be incredibly expensive. Expect to pay $3,000 to $4,000 per day for hospitalization. That does not include tests, scans, medications, or surgeries.

We recommend every traveler of any age heading overseas brings at least $100,000 of Travel Medical Insurance. Fortunately, Teen Travel Insurance is so cheap; it’s a no-brainer.

If your Teen Traveler is leaving the US, make sure he or she has robust Travel Medical Insurance in place.

Medical Evacuation Coverage

What if your Teen Traveler is involved in an accident abroad? They will need air or ground transportation to the hospital. Then they require further treatment at home but aren’t well enough to get on a commercial flight. Now what?

Medical Evacuation insurance pays for their transportation to the hospital and then back home to the family. Most medical insurance does not cover this in the US, certainly not out of the country. If necessary, Medical Evacuation pays for a private air ambulance, which costs approximately $15,000 to $25,000 per flight hour.

We recommend travelers take at least $250,000 Medical Evacuation insurance when leaving the country. Keep in mind the US state department does not provide any help if your child has a medical emergency overseas.

Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver

Most teen travelers will not need a Pre-Existing Medical Condition Exclusion Waiver. But for others, it may be worth considering.

Typically, Teen Travel Insurance does not cover recent accidents, injuries, or medical conditions. 'Recent' will differ between policies, but the best travel insurance policies only 'Look Back' 60 days.

Stable medical conditions older than this are covered under the travel insurance anyway.

If your Teen Travel Insurance needs to cover Pre-existing Medical Conditions, get one that offers a Medical Waiver.

Buy a Trip Insurance policy: a) includes a Medical Waiver and b) purchase it shortly after your Initial Trip Payment, generally within 2-3 weeks. Again, plans with Medical Waivers are inexpensive for Teen Travelers.

Other Teen Travel Insurance Benefits

Teen Travel Insurance policies also compensate you for travel delays to help cover the cost of food, accommodation, etc.

Baggage and personal effects are insured, but you will need a police report to file a claim. Items such as cash, jewelry, and sunglasses are not covered. Other things have a $250 limit, so remind your Teen to leave expensive items like electronics at home.

Teen Travel Insurance - Conclusion

Teen Travel Insurance is very affordable.

It can provide essential protection for younger travelers as they head overseas. The teen traveler does not need to buy the trip insurance policy themselves. Any friend or family member can buy it for them.

Safe travels.

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