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What is Traveler Medical Insurance? - 2021 Review

Traveler medical insurance should be considered an essential element of any travel or vacation planning, at home or abroad. This is not expensive, but it could save a fortune on medical bills and repatriation.

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Why do I need Traveler Medical Insurance?

Most of us already have health insurance, so why do we need health insurance for traveling too? Surely this is not necessary?

Because our regular health insurance generally will not cover us when we travel.

Many health insurance plans do not cover care received outside the United States. This includes Medicare and Medicaid. Travelers in these plans should consider a short-term travel insurance policy.

In addition, many health plans under the Affordable Care Act do not cover care received in other states. So even domestic travelers may need a Traveler Medical Insurance policy.

How Traveler Medical Insurance Can Save Money

An accident abroad, followed by an extended stay in the hospital. Then a return flight with a medical escort. It is not difficult to create hospital bills of more than $20k and to see the cost of medical repatriation exceeding $100k. At AARDY, when we book cover for our own families, we like to see $100k in medical cover and $250k in evacuation cover.

Imagine taking responsibility for these types of uninsured bills? It's unthinkable.

Are you sure that my home and health insurance does not cover me?

You can have Home & Health Insurance to provide support when on the road, but most of us do not, and travelers who do not often see limits. Outside network hospitals tend to have higher deductibles and co-pays, if they are covered at all.

What about out-of-pocket expenses with Traveler Medical Insurance?

Primary Health Travel Insurance is by far our preferred type of cover. In this case, our traveler medical insurance pays first. It pays all our bills, and does not have us hunting hospitals, insurers and doctors for the invoices and other documents needed for repayment. In essence, our insurer assumes full responsibility for advance payments. When we are injured, we prefer that the insurer assume these responsibilities while we focus on health.

Hospital of Choice with Traveler Medical Insurance

In particular, we like this option when we choose traveler medical insurance. Not only do we want an insurer to be primary, but, we want the insurer to let us choose our hospital. Now, it may make sense to accept the recommendation of an insurer in a place where we have no experience. But we want to know that we can choose our hospital if we wish, and that the insurer will respect this option and compensate us.

Pre-Existing Exemption Cover - Traveler Medical Insurance

If you have pre-existing conditions, you may want to consider a comprehensive travel health insurance that offers a waiver of your condition. What does it mean?

Normally, any pre-existing medical condition would be excluded from your travel medical insurance cover - this particular condition would not be covered.

However, provided you have set up your travel insurance immediately after making your first travel deposit - certainly within 14 days – and your status was stable during a period of "look back" - usually up to 180 days – your pre-existing condition would be covered.

Traveler Medical Insurance - Early Purchase for Maximum Cover

That is the main advice we can offer. If you intend to take traveler medical insurance, please book early. This way, you get the maximum amount of cover available without spending a cent more.

As always, at AARDY, we recommend that travelers consider travel insurance. You can get an anonymous quote in seconds and compare dozens of travel plans from many of the top travel insurers in North America. You will save time and money and find the right travel plan for your needs.

What many people do not know is that they will not find the same travel insurance plans at a better price - all because of price certainty due to anti-discrimination law in the US.

Travel Insurance Comparison - Will I Pay More Buying Travel Insurance from a Comparison Website?

In short – a trip insurance quote for an insurance plan that you see from AARDY is the same price you would see from the insurance carrier direct. We are not allowed to compete on price for ‘filed’ insurance products. No one is. You are certain to get best value from us.

Safe travels.

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