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Traveling With A Newborn - 2021 Review

Traveling With A Newborn - What Age Do I Use For Travel Insurance? - Video

At AARDY we need to ask for some specific information from you when you run a travel insurance quote.

It really only takes two minutes, although we have seen quotes run in under a minute before.

However, some of the questions might cause confusion if you are not familiar with the terms themselves.

That is perfectly normal, which is why we created little pop-up question-mark bubbles throughout the site.

If you hover your cursor over any of the little question-mark bubbles you will then see a short script explaining the different terms.

We certainly hope that this helps.

Safe travels.

Travelers Ages: Please insert the age of your travelers as of today. If you are traveling with a newborn under the age of 1, please insert 0. Remember to insert one complete age per box. If you have more travelers in your group, please click the + button.

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