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Traveling With A Disability - 2021 Review

Traveling With A Disability - Let The Airline Help

Traveling with a disability can make air travel daunting.

Traveling With A Disability | AARDY.com

There are aspects of airline customer service that we all think could be better, but every airline that we have come across seems to go out of their way to help passengers who travel with a disability.

Each airline will have a detailed series of web pages designed to show the level of assistance that can be offered both at the airport and on the aircraft itself.

The major US carrier pages are listed below for ease of reference:

Special assistance - American Airlines Customers with Disabilities | United Airlines Travel Needs : Delta Air Lines

What the airline wants to do, above all else, is ensure that all passengers are looked after, and that the aircraft departs on time. To that end it is imperative to advise the airline in advance of any specific support that is required, as soon as possible.

Our experience is that this is an area where airline customer service really works.

Advise the airline early. Give the airline precise guidance as to your injury or disability, and the help that you need. Arrive at the airport early - let the airport staff help you - you should be expected. Arrive at the gate in good time - you will ordinarily be boarded as a priority.

Do not feel rushed - staff are ready to help - take your time.

Many of us wish to 'soldier on' and not become a burden to others. At AARDY we have staff members who have traveled with significant physical impairments in the past. So we know a little about this. Our advice is to take all the help and support that is available, and make your journey as comfortable as possible.

The airlines genuinely want to help - let them do their best for you.

Safe travels.

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