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UnCruise Adventures Travel Insurance - 2021 Review

UnCruise Adventures Travel Insurance Review

UnCruise Adventures Travel Insurance Review
Insurance Partner
Coverage Options


  • Reputable Insurance Carrier
  • Good Medical Evacuation Coverage
  • Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver


  • Low Medical Insurance Coverage
  • Lack of Cancel For Any Reason Option
  • Expensive Insurance Premium for Seniors (70+)

UnCruise Adventures emphasizes in-depth interaction with nature. From kayaking in Alaskan harbors to up-close encounters with tortoises in the Galapagos Islands (our featured trip below), UnCruise leads its guests to some of the most scenic and photogenic destinations on earth.

UnCruise La Pinta 1

In this review, we investigate UnCruise Adventures Travel Protection insurance plan and compare it to other travel insurance plans available on the broader marketplace.

Berkshire Hathaway Specialty Insurance underwrites UnCruise travel insurance. The policy sells under the Travelex insurance brand.

UnCruise offers a single take-it or leave-it option for travel insurance. We are not fans of this scenario since travelers cannot customize the plan to meet their needs.

UnCruise trip insurance provides one optional coverage add on: Car Rental Collision coverage at $10 per day ($35,000 maximum coverage). For cruise line travel insurance, rental car collision coverage is worthless. They should have included a Cancel For Any Reason option instead.

It’s easy to purchase UnCruise Adventures travel insurance. You can enroll at the UnCruise website when you book your trip. Keep in mind, you’re never obligated to buy insurance from a cruise line, no matter how much pressure a travel agent gives you.

UnCruise Galapagos Tortoises 1

UnCruise travel cruise insurance prices their insurance based on age:

  • Ages 0-45: 5% of trip cost
  • Ages 46-69: 6.5% of trip cost
  • Ages 70+: 15.9% of trip cost

Although UnCruise travel insurance works with a reputable underwriter (Berkshire Hathaway), don’t assume it’s a luxurious policy. UnCruise travel insurance includes low Medical Insurance coverage and lacks a Cancel For Any Reason option.

For travelers ages 70 and over, UnCruise Travel Protection demands an excessive price (15.9% of trip cost) for no additional benefits.

Our Trip: The Galapagos Islands

Few destinations match the natural wonder of the Galapagos Islands. Green sea turtles, reef sharks, pilot whales, iguanas, 13 species of Darwin’s Finch, and the famous giant tortoise await you among the seven islands composing the Galapagos.

UnCruise Galapagos Itinerary

This 7-day trip costs $17,600 for our two travelers, ages 55 and 60. UnCruise charges an additional $1,144 total (6.5% of trip cost) to add their travel insurance plan. Remember, travelers over age 70 are subject to a 15.9% fee instead.

Next, we compare UnCruise Adventures trip insurance with alternative insurance options.

Alternatives to UnCruise Travel Insurance

At AARDY, we consistently recommend that all travelers heading overseas buy a policy with the following minimums:

  • $100,000 Medical Insurance per person
  • $250,000 Emergency Medical Evacuation per person
  • Waiver of Pre-existing Medical Conditions

Travel insurance policies that meet the minimums listed above provide substantial coverage for most medical emergencies.

Here, we compare UnCruise travel insurance to policies available in the broader travel insurance marketplace. We show you how UnCruise insurance stacks up against two plans from iTravelInsured: Travel SE and Travel LX.

UnCruise iTravel SE 1

We see iTravelInsured Travel SE provides excellent value for the money. It offers adequate Medical Insurance, Medical Evacuation, and a Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver at a reasonable price.

On occasion, travelers require maximum flexibility from an insurance plan. In those situations, a policy that provides Cancel For Any Reason works best.

For this trip, iTravelInsured Travel LX is the least expensive policy which offers Cancel For Any Reason. iTravelInsured Travel LX also highlights top-shelf Medical Insurance ($500,000), Medical Evacuation, and a Pre-existing Medical Condition Waiver.

UnCruise iTravel LX 1


Trip Cancellation

Unfortunately, Trip Cancellations happen. Sometimes, there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. When life gets in the way of your vacation, Trip Cancellation insurance reimburses you for the full cost of the trip if you cancel for a covered reason.

UnCruise travel insurance Trip Cancellation includes serious illness/death of:

  • you or a Traveling Companion
  • a Family Member (traveling or not traveling with you)
  • a Business Partner
  • your Travel Host

The above situations require certification by a licensed Physician.

The top reasons travelers need Trip Cancellation protection are if you experience an injury or illness and cannot travel, death or grave illness or of a family member.

Fortunately, most policies include more reasons for Trip Cancellation:

  • a traffic accident traveling to your destination (verified with a police report)
  • an airline mechanical failure (when flights completely stop, and you must miss 50% or more of your trip)
  • an airline strike that completely stops travel at your place of departure or your destination
  • severe weather that delays or stops travel
  • damage to your home from burglary, vandalism, or natural disaster that makes it uninhabitable or inaccessible (applies to a traveling companion as well)
  • your destination being uninhabitable or inaccessible due to a flood, tornado, earthquake, volcanic eruption, wildfire or blizzard (also applies to a traveling companion)
  • call to active military service
  • hijacking
  • quarantine
  • jury duty
  • job loss (employed at the same job for at least one year; job loss must be after the purchase of insurance)

UnCruise travel insurance provides a robust and comprehensive list of cancellation reasons and refunds 100% of your Trip Cost for any of these situations. We are quite pleased to see this substantial coverage in a critical area since most cruise lines are incredibly restrictive.

Sometimes hurricanes affect cruise operations. Like many travel insurance plans, UnCruise cruise insurance covers cancellation if a named storm renders your destination inaccessible or uninhabitable.

However, if a storm already has a name when you purchase insurance, then coverage does not apply.

That is to say, if you require hurricane coverage for your trip, then purchase travel insurance early. We recommend enrolling within one week of making your trip deposit to make sure you receive all the benefits your policy has to offer. Consequently, if you wait to buy insurance after a storm is named and forecasted to hit your destination, then travel insurance will not protect you from loss.

Insurance only covers unforeseen events, and a named storm is no longer unexpected. A named storm is a foreseen peril and excluded.

UnCruise Galapagos Island 1

Trip Interruption

If you must cut your trip short, you experience a Trip Interruption. Covered Trip interruptions are similar to Trip Cancellation.

For example, your brother has a heart attack and passes away. Since you completed only 25% of your scheduled trip, you’d lose any prepaid, non-refundable unused travel arrangements if you left early.

Trip Interruption insurance allows you to return home for your aunt’s funeral service. In this case, you collect 100% of the unused prepaid, non-refundable trip expenses, plus the added cost of return transportation.

Likewise, Trip Interruption covers if you have an unexpected injury or illness that makes you miss a day or two of your trip, but the doctor clears you to return to the cruise. Trip Interruption reimburses you for the unused portion of the vacation, and the cost to rejoin the cruise.

UnCruise Trip Interruption pays up to 150% of the Trip Cost for your trip.

Laudably, UnCruise Trip Interruption meets or exceeds coverage from many other cruise line’s travel insurance plans. We tip our hat to UnCruise insurance.

UnCruise Galapagos Iguana 2

Medical Insurance

As a rule, we recommend at least $100,000 per person in Medical Insurance coverage when traveling abroad.

Foreign hospitals charge $3,000 per day or more for inpatient medical care. When you consider the cost of surgery, recovery, and radiology, medical bills add up quickly.

Be prepared for a medical emergency with robust medical coverage with your travel insurance.

Disappointingly, UnCruise trip insurance provides an unreliable $30,000 Medical Insurance. UnCruise’s plan has a dangerously low amount. If you had a medical emergency abroad, it would drain your retirement nest egg.

For example, the Galapagos Islands fall under the jurisdiction of Ecuador. While Ecuador’s medical system is socialized, those medical benefits do not extend to United States citizens. You are responsible for any health care costs while traveling in Ecuador and the Galapagos.

Senior travelers take note: Medicare does not cover you overseas. Medicare supplement plans with overseas coverage have deductibles, co-insurance, and (most importantly) only a $50,000 lifetime maximum payout.

If you rely on UnCruise travel insurance or Medicare supplements for overseas coverage, you risk paying a 5-digit medical bill out-of-pocket.

Even more offensive, UnCruise Medical Insurance provides much less than iTravelInsured Travel SE but charges a much higher price.

For $126 less than UnCruise Trip Protection, iTravelInsured Travel SE supplies you with $150,000 per person in Medical Insurance, instead of UnCruise’s meager $30,000.

UnCruise travel Medical Insurance cannot compare. iTravelInsured Travel SE provides superior Medical Insurance coverage at a lower cost. It’s clear you gain an advantage by shopping with Aardy Travel Insurance Marketplace

UnCruise Galapagos Sea Lion 1

Medical Evacuation

If you need transportation to a medical facility due to an illness or injury during your trip, you need Medical Evacuation insurance.

Depending on how far you are from the nearest medical facility, Medical transportation could take several hours. When you purchase sufficient Medical Evacuation coverage, it offsets the high price of medical travel.

Air evacuation costs a whopping $15,000 to $25,000 per hour!

Nurses and physicians have extraordinary skills and experience required for an air ambulance evacuation. Close quarters, air turbulence, time sensitive medical situations, and pressure all make for an exceptionally stressful environment. Medical Evacuation saves lives, but also comes at a high price.

When traveling overseas, we recommend at least $250,000 in Medical Evacuation coverage. For more remote destinations like Antarctica, Africa, or Nepal, we recommend at least $500,000 in Medical Evacuation.

UnCruise travel insurance includes an ample $500,000 in Medical Evacuation. It’s generous coverage that will serve you well.

Similarly, iTravelInsured Travel SE also includes $500,000 for Medical Evacuation, and Travel LX provides a $1,000,000 benefit.

UnCruise Galpagos Blue 1

Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

The Pre-existing Condition portion of travel insurance is some of the most confusing to travelers. While health insurance taught us that Pre-existing Conditions include your entire medical history, that’s rarely the case with travel insurance.

Instead, travel insurance only concerns itself with your medical history for the 60-180 days immediately before you bought travel insurance. If you received treatment, a test, new medication, medication change, or the doctor recommended treatment or a test not yet completed during that window, then you have a travel insurance Pre-existing Condition.

Fortunately, all mid-range and top-tier travel insurance plans, as well as some basic policies, offer a Waiver of Pre-existing Conditions.

The Waiver brings Pre-existing Conditions into coverage when you purchase the policy shortly after paying your Initial Deposit.

UnCruises offers this Waiver when you purchase their travel insurance within 21 days of the initial deposit and insure 100% of all prepaid, non-refundable trip costs. Of course, this only applies to the travel arrangements you made through UnCruises. If you reserved airfare through the airline directly, you’d have to purchase a separate policy for that.

Pre-Existing Medical Coverage adds substantial value to any insurance plan. It makes sure you’re covered for Cancellation, Interruption, Medical treatment, and Evacuation in case your condition is Pre-existing.

By contrast, the iTravelInsured Travel SE policy requires that you purchase the policy within 20 days of the initial deposit to include the Pre-existing Condition Waiver. However, it does not require that you insure 100% of the trip cost.

But, Travel LX is the most forgiving. Travel LX allows you to buy the plan at the time of your Final Payment, and still enjoy Pre-existing Condition coverage.

UnCruise Galapagos Rays 1

Cancel For Any Reason

In the Galapagos, rainfall averages 1.6 inches in June, and 0.8 inches in July. However, March averages 5.8 inches of rainfall, and 6.7 inches in April. Sometimes, rainfall during March and April easily exceeds those averages.

If weather predictions indicate excessive rain and wind, your cruise vacation might experience heaving seas and muddy terrain. If you decided the weather would make the trip too miserable, Cancel For Any Reason lets you cancel it for a partial cash refund.

UnCruise trip insurance does not include Cancel For Any Reason benefits. If you have Cancel For Any Reason coverage with an AARDY policy like iTravelInsured Travel LX, then you could cancel and avoid a week of rough weather when forecasts predict excessive rain in the Galapagos.

iTravelInsured Travel LX Cancel For Any Reason has these requirements:

  • Insure 100% of non-refundable, prepaid trip costs
  • Purchase the policy within 20 days of initial trip deposit
  • Cancel the trip at least 48 hours before trip departure

Then, iTravelInsured Travel LX refunds 75% of your trip cost under the Cancel For Any Reason feature. Keep in mind that no travel insurance offers 100% Cancel For Any Reason.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Insurance

Many travel insurance plans lack Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage. We appreciate that UnCruise travel insurance includes AD&D benefits at no additional cost. However, AD&D applies to flights only.

UnCruise insurance offers a maximum AD&D benefit of $10,000 for loss of life or loss of hands, feet, or vision.

Kudos to UnCruise for providing AD&D in their policy. However, other travel insurance plans in the broader marketplace offer more AD&D coverage ($25,000-$100,000).

UnCruise Galapagos Cactus 1


Overall, UnCruise Travel Protection has some desirable coverage, like $500,000 in Medical Evacuation, Pre-Existing Medical Condition Waiver, Comprehensive Trip Cancellation, and Trip Interruption coverage. But UnCruises insurance lacks sufficient Medical Insurance.

UnCruise Adventures cruise insurance offers $30,000 in Medical Insurance and leaves travelers with financial risk and coverage gaps. That amount is far below our $100,000 Medical Insurance recommendation, and such low coverage in a critical area diminishes the value of the policy.

Lack of a Cancel For Any Reason option further weakens UnCruise trip insurance.

Most troublesome is the high cost of UnCruises trip insurance. Travelers age 70 or above face a steep financial penalty. Seniors must pay the exorbitant 15.9% insurance fee over the trip cost.

Therefore, we cannot recommend UnCruise travel and medical insurance.

Fortunately, you can find dozens of options using a travel insurance marketplace like Aardy. You’re sure to discover a more robust policy for a fraction of the cost.

At AARDY, you can get a free quote and compare quality travel plans from the nations' best travel insurers. You save time and money, plus have the option to compare policies from different insurers on one site instead of slowly shopping from insurer to insurer.

Purchasing Directly from the Insurer is Less Expensive, Right?

Wrong! Purchasing directly from an insurance provider will not save you money. We guarantee that you cannot find the same travel insurance policy at a better price, even from the insurance company.

Have questions? Send an email, chat online with us, or call AARDY at 650-492-6298 to receive a free quote.

Safe Travels!

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