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What Information Do I Need To Get A Travel Insurance Quote?

What Information Do I Need To Get A Travel Insurance Quote?

At AARDY we need to ask for some specific information from you when you run a travel insurance quote.

It really only takes two minutes, although we have seen quotes run in under a minute before.

However, some of the questions might cause confusion if you are not familiar with the terms themselves.

That is perfectly normal, which is why we created little pop-up question-mark bubbles throughout the site.

If you hover your cursor over any of the little question-mark bubbles you will then see a short script explaining the different terms.

We certainly hope that this helps.

Keep reading below to see each term that we cover, as well as the explanation. Alternatively, enjoy the video.

Safe travels.

Destination Country: Please select the country you will be traveling to. If you are traveling to more than one country, please choose the country where you will be spending the most time.

Departure Date: Please insert the date you leave your home to start your trip. This may be earlier than your cruise start date or the date of your flight. Travel insurance is designed to assist you from the moment your trip starts.

Return Date: Please insert the date you will arrive back home after your trip. This may be a day or two later than the end of your cruise or your return flights. Travel insurance is designed to assist you all the way to your front door.

Citizenship: Please enter the country of which you are a citizen. If you hold multiple passports and are a citizen of more than one country, please select the citizenship for the passport that you will be traveling with.

Residence: Let us know the State where you reside. Remember that travelers under the same policy must reside in the same state. A traveler who resides in a different state must have their own travel insurance plan.

Travelers Ages: Please insert the age of your travelers as of today. If you are traveling with a newborn under the age of 1, please insert 0. Remember to insert one complete age per box. If you have more travelers in your group, please click the + button.

Total trip cost: This is the total trip cost for all your travelers. Your trip cost is used to determine the price you pay for your travel plan. It is also used to determine the benefit you will receive for trip cancellation and trip interruption. Remember that non-prepaid and refundable items are NOT covered by your insurance plan, so just include all your prepaid and nonrefundable travel costs.

Initial trip payment date: Please tell us the very first date that you paid out towards your trip.

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