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Is It Worth Buying A Refundable Airline Ticket - 2021 Review

Is It Worth Buying A Refundable Airline Ticket? - Video

Airlines typically charge 4x the price for a Refundable Ticket versus a Non-Refundable. Sometimes this price difference can be as high as 10x.

Use travel insurance with a strong cancellation benefit - ideally including 'Cancel for Work Reasons' and 'Cancel for Any Reason' - and check out the cost savings. A $400 Non-Refundable flight with $40 of trip insurance has similar protections to a $1,600 Refundable flight.

How does this work?

Well, the airline would prefer that you buy a very expensive refundable ticket. These are typically three or four times as expensive as a non-refundable. So, why do people buy Refundable? Well, they want the flexibility of cancellation and refund.

Our advice - stop paying the airline extra money so as to receive a refund upon cancellation.

Just pay for some simple 'Cancel for Any Reason' insurance, and gain all the benefits of this robust cover.

100% refund for regular cancellation reasons; 75% for Cancel for Any Reason.

Some restrictions apply, of course, so read the fine print.

Certainly, if a traveler needs to cancel he or she should typically do so two days before the intended travel date.

But, this is a great way to use travel insurance to help reduce costs instead of watching them increase.

Safe travels.

Airline Ticket Hack - Go Non-Refundable & Travel Insure

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